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Race Gameplay Variation 0.3.2

Adds new mechanics based on the player's chosen race!

  1. IncredibleMeh
    Currently compatible with latest stable update: Glad Giraffe

    This modification is currently unfinished, and highly experimental. Please, make sure that you back up all save files before testing.

    Race Gameplay Variation (or RGV for short) is a mod that alters the core gameplay mechanics for each race individually, to provide variety in new playstyles, more interesting interaction between players and the environment, and more closely associate the mechanics of the game with its lore.

    Current Changes:


    • Base total energy increased by 170.
    • Capable of falling further heights without getting damaged.
    • Falls at slower speeds.
    • Runs faster and jumps higher.
    • Constantly regenerates health based on light levels.
    • Energy regeneration rate is based on light.
    • Gains full effect from eating raw foods. (Other races only gain half the effect.)
    • Additional healing from eating meat.
    • Capable of breathing underwater.
    • Regenerates energy faster while underwater.
    • Unharmed by radiation.
    • Tolerance to extreme cold and heat, is capable of withstanding harsh environments for far longer than other races.
    • Immune to poison.
    • Unharmed by fire hazards.
    • Does not require oxygen.
    • Cannot use stim packs.
    • Only gains buffs and a full healing effect from metallic foods. (All other races take severe damage from trying to eat metallic foods.)
    • Takes more damage from electrical attacks and hazards.
    • Reduced movement speed and jump height.
    • Base defense increased by 25.
    • Unaffected by Radiation, Cold, or Heat, Lava, Fire, and Poison.
    • Constantly emits light.
    • Does not require oxygen.
    • Cannot use stim packs or healing items.
    • Cannot consume any foods.
    • Explodes upon dying.


    Due to the nature of this mod, compatibility issues with other modifications may arise. While this is not necessarily a likely occurrence and it is within my interest to actively avoid compatibility issues, please make certain that any other modifications do not alter core gameplay or radically alter any behavior of items already in the game, as these are most likely to result in problems.

    Bugs or Issues
    If you find a compatibility issues with another mod, a feature isn't working correctly, or something just outright breaks the game, you can help to makes sure this problem is fixed much faster by reporting it here:


    Design Philosophy
    This mod actively goes against design decisions previously made by Starbound's developers. While the developers of the game purposely left differences in gameplay for each race out of the equation to allow people the freedom to choose whatever they wish, I have taken things in completely the opposite direction. Because of this I feel it's important to explain my logic behind what I have done.

    I am of the belief that something as important as choosing what race you are should be effected not just by how the player wants to look, but how they behave while playing and what their preferred playstyle is. And the race someone chooses should be influence their behavior on a fundamental level. RGV takes things to extremes, dramatically changing things in the name of creating a new experience.

    Each of the changes made to the various races are based on lore implications and on necessity to maintain balance between the advantages and disadvantages they bring. With how radically this mod alters things, maintaining that balance will likely be a long and meticulous process. As new features are added to Starbound over time, this will become easier as more tools to work with will become available and more things can be tweaked in a particular races favor. It is also important to understand that for me, in-game lore takes absolute precedence. If something is stated or heavily implied to work a certain way for a certain race, that is the way it must be.

    Changes to each race are also considered based on how I would want that race to be played. For instance, Novakid are designed to be immune to many different damage types and naturally produce light, making them highly resilient and allowing them to explore a large number of locations very easily. However, they cannot use healing items, leaving them with no way of restoring health while engaged in combat. This puts them in a dangerous position where they must monitor their health carefully, and because of this ranged weapons are extremely ideal for them. It also gives them room to focus solely on the thing attacking them, as other natural hazards that would have impeded other races no longer server as a distraction for them. The character plays how a Novakid would typically act, focusing on one thing at a time and using a weapon type that the race uses traditionally.

    Most importantly, any features whether planned or already implemented are up for debate and discussion. If anything, I actively encourage attempts to find flaw in the design or balance of the mod, and new ideas are always appreciated.

    If you would like to follow along with the development of this mod more closely, you can take a look at its GitHub repository:
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Reviews

  1. X La Eriza
    X La Eriza
    Version: 0.3.2
    this mod doesn't work in the Bounty Hunter version
  2. tojestgra
    Version: 0.3.2
    why is this in a modpak file it doesnt work
  3. PolloMan8
    Version: 0.3.2
    Need a new version for starbound 1.3.3
  4. IoIvan
    Version: 0.3.2
    The modpack file does not work in my game
  5. Endred II
    Endred II
    Version: 0.3.2
    I did a backup of my "players" folder, and then I tried to install it, but it didn't work. So I said "It will be an incompatibility issue", and so I tried to take away all the other mod and to leave only this two. No result. I tried then to leave only "RaceGameplayVariation.modpak", but has not yet worked. For every step I also tried to create a new character. But nothing. Tips? I really want to try this, because it look amazing. I have the original steam version, not a cracked version.
  6. Rishoune
    Version: 0.3.2
    This definitely has potential, but there's a few issues with some of the balancing. Just gonna throw a few personal suggestions in here.
    -Novakids are neat for exploring now, but they're crippled in fights. I'd suggest either letting them use some foods (pehraps only sweet items and sodas? Y'know, for that "sugar rush" of energy), some healing items, or giving them a constant health&energy regen that can stack with augments. Also they should have the larger energy pool, not humans, given novakids are the primary gun race.
    -Humans should receive more health from stims and healing items. Maybe instead of a huge energy boost, give them a very small boost to health/energy/def, or maybe they're "economical" and get a 10% (or more/less) discount from all vendors or something.
    -Avians should jump higher or move faster while airborne, since they're birds. And what about a buff for them when they have any Wings item equipped in the back-armor (not cosmetic/appearance) slot? Or perhaps they're better with melee weapons (more damage, faster, or less energy on specials) since they're trained warriors.
    -Apex should have some perk related to eating bananas or banana-based food, since one of their NPC dialogues is "Yes we love bananas but don't judge us on that". Given their lore is they traded "intellectual evolution for physical devolution" they receive less effects from normal healing items but perhaps they could do something with books..don't have an idea for that though, Apex are my least-played species.
    -Hylotl should receive some kind of buff when wet, separate from underwater energy regen. This could help them when its raining above-water. Maybe give them better night-vision, in reference to one of their books talking about how they have better "sight" than the other races.
    -Glitch. No complaints about the changes, they make sense. Just the other races need a few more perks/changes to be on the same level of uniqueness.

    Again, just personal suggestions/preferences, but looking forward to seeing where this mod goes down the road.
  7. Marinebeast
    Version: 0.3.2
    Really neat idea, although I feel there should be a little more balancing of costs and benefits! Floran should be more susceptible to fire/lava damage, maybe Hylotl are more susceptible to electricity/heat due to their amphibious nature?
    The base energy for humans is.. definitely something, but I feel it works out since they're not special in any other way.
  8. MrVauxs
    Version: 0.3.2
    its nice but ... i love humans but glitch are just too op
  9. godf5
    Version: 0.3.2
    mother of good how good this mod can be? i dunno but it have at least one error and i will show in a question form:WHAT DOES THE BAD ASS NOVAKIDS EAT TO REGEN?
  10. Zairea the Floran
    Zairea the Floran
    Version: 0.3.2
    Novakids should take damage from water, and not be immune to radiation or cold.
    And, because Novakids are made of fire, they should need oxygen to survive.
    Novakids should also be able to use stimpacks.
    Glitch also shouldn't be immune to heat and cold.
    And how about instead of taking damage from metal foods when not a Glitch, you just can't eat them?
    Glitch has too much base defense, and shouldn't be immune to fire hazards.
    Glitch also needs to be able to move faster and jump higher.
    Human has way too much mana, and that means they can easily spam specials and guns.
    Hylotl also shouldn't regenerate energy faster while underwater.