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Race Gameplay Variation 0.3.2

Adds new mechanics based on the player's chosen race!

  1. Updated to Glad Giraffe, new features added!

    Aside from updating the mod to work with the newest version of the game, Novakid now explode when they die, Floran regenerate health based on light level, Hylotl have faster energy regen underwater and are not slowed down by the Wet status effect, and Glitch should take more damage from electricity based attacks.

    A new system for managing the effects that consumables have on races is being worked on. It's far more robust then the previous system, allowing me to reduce the effect of food or even cause damage to a player based on what race they are. Right now it is not fully implemented however, and most higher tier foods have been unchanged. I wanted to get it complete before Glad Giraffe came out, but issues of personal importance have come up and take a massive chunk out of the time I have to focus on this project. Things will be back to normal for me soon, and you can expect this system to be fully implemented by the end of the week.

    The mod is nearing the point of being 'feature complete', after all planned gameplay changes are implemented I'll be focusing heavily on balancing, optimization, and compatibility with other mods.
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