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Race Gameplay Variation 0.3.2

Adds new mechanics based on the player's chosen race!

  1. Optimization, glitch movement changes, and mod costumization

    This update changes a couple of things around internally, most notably it alters the names of certain status effects for better terminology. Before updating, make sure to try clearing all status effects before trying to play with characters you were previously testing with.

    The part of the mod that effects consumable items has been separated from the base mod, so people can decide to go without that now if they so desire. Keep in mind the mod will still be balanced around the changes to...
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  2. Compatibility and Performance Improvements

    This is an update fixing some small issues with compatibility and performance. Many thanks to Spodi and Mackinz for their contribution!
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  3. Updated to Glad Giraffe, new features added!

    Aside from updating the mod to work with the newest version of the game, Novakid now explode when they die, Floran regenerate health based on light level, Hylotl have faster energy regen underwater and are not slowed down by the Wet status effect, and Glitch should take more damage from electricity based attacks.

    A new system for managing the effects that consumables have on races is being worked on. It's far more robust then the previous system, allowing me to reduce the effect of food or...
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  4. Oops!

    An issue with the update created by leftover junk code was present. This caused the player to be undamageable. I caught this almost immediately after uploading the update, although I really should have tested to see if there were any bugs before then.

    This patch has fixed the bug and there should be no more problems.
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  5. First Update!

    This update to RGV brings some pretty cool new additions, and fleshes things out just a little bit more.

    Avian now fall at a slower speed to other races, Floran regenerate energy based on the light level of where they're standing, Glitch have the same resistance to heat that they do to cold, and the restrictions on what foods and items can be used by what races is implemented completely.

    Humans also have been given a dramatic boost to their base energy amount. In a universe like Starbound,...
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