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Race Hoarder Extender 2.0

Extensive and mostly transparent character creator with 349 species slot

  1. MoonShineLynx
    It’s a semi-trasparent recreation of the character creator to my taste with 349 species slot, for peoples are likes filling up the universe with sentient if not sapient life. To be able to choose any of them for a play session or at least able to stare at them.

    Race Hoarder Extender also has a an unusual slot rearrangement from compared to other extenders, mainly to the user have acceaability to races even if the device has smaller fullscreen that 1440x900.

    The R.H.E forum version also has multiple variants to choose from, these are simple edits of the already existing Steam version
    RHE_SteamVersion2.png RHE_SimplyCleanVersion2.png RHE_SimplyCleanGreenScreenVersion2.png RHE_SimplyCleanWithBackgroundVersion2.png RHE_OricleanVersion2.png RHE_OricleanWithBackgroundVersion2.png RHE_OricleanGreenScreenVersion2.png RHE_OriginalLikeVersion2.png

    Characther Making Preview
    RHE_VanillaRaces_GIF.gif RHE_VanillaRaces_Collection.png
    RHE_HumanoidModRaces_GIF.gif RHE_HumanoidModRaces_Collection.png
    RHE_SmallRaces_GIF.gif RHE_SmallRaces_Collection.png
    RHE_QquadrupedRaces_GIF.gif RHE_QquadrupedRaces_Colllectio.png
    Technical information - Screenshots of fullscreen size compatibility
    These are the working sizes in game at fullscreen:

    1024x768 the smallest
    1440x900 like the 1366x768 one but even less zoomed in
    1600x900 is the normal state of the game
    And onward there's no meaningful changes, only one bug thats makes the game go sideway.

    Possible Q&A's

    This mod needs and any other mod to function?

    -No, it’s works by itself.

    This interface Fu compatible?
    -Yes, and overwrites it. From recent testing, it's work with only from the workshop, from the game's mod folder, and by using both Fu and RHE from different sources (From Steam Workshop or Local Mod Folder)

    Can I make edits/reskins for it, or modified interfaces from it?
    -yes, you can. and you don’t need to credit me or tell me about it, only if you want to.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.