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Racial Weapon Megamod Now Version 2.5.3!

Bringing back the forgotten weapons of starbound's alpha!

  1. ImHereForTheMods
    It's back, and better than ever before!
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    New in this update: (V2.0.0)

    Now on Steam! :

    Version 2.0.0 Aims to be a Complete Overhaul of the Original Mod
    Which Was Uploaded in March of 2017 and Updated September of 2019

    Now Updated Once Again to Platinum Standard in 2022!
    The Original Idea was to add compatability for Futara's FullBright Shader and call it a day...
    Ended up Spending Weeks Improving every aspect of the mod instead, from art assets to code.


    Q: So What is New in V2.0.0?

    A: Everything! All weapons, code, and art assets have been updated to be more
    consistent with Starbound's visual style and standard of quality.

    I have put many additional hours into this mod with the sole intent of
    providing the best and most faithful recreation of these weapons possible.
    (Albeit with a few tasteful creative liberties.)

    So, you got the mod, and you're ready for some action! Awesome!

    This mod adds a wide array of weapons for each of six races to use.
    The weapons will deal elemental damage once you reach T5, based on your species, as follows:

    Apex (Electric) Avian (Fire) Floran (Poison) Glitch (Electric) Human (Fire) Hylotl (Ice)

    On character creation you will be given a starter racial broadsword in your ship locker.
    Use it as you may, it is slightly better than the broken protectorate sword they give you!

    Once you are well underway, you can begin crafting new weapons to use!

    Weapons can be crafted at the "Racial Weapon Crafting Table", with new and better versions based on your race unlocking with every new weapon you craft!
    As you progress you will unlock better and better weapons, with the best having special and powerful abilities for you to use.

    The best of the best are incredibly strong and formidable weapons, with higher than average DPS.

    Though be wary, the better the weapon, the more difficult it will be to craft, so be sure to have plenty of materials on hand!

    Once you reach tier 5 of the basic weapons, you will unlock the "Racial Weapon Randomizer", which will allow you to buy randomized variants
    of any weapon after crafting the basic variant. Use it, or don't. It's up to you!

    At this point you will also unlock the rwm megamart, which will allow you to sell back weapons for 50% of their purchase price.
    You may also buy another race's starter weapon here.

    Upon reaching tier 10 of the basic weapons, you will unlock the "Racial Weapon Upgrader"
    This station lets you craft randomized T10 variants of any weapon, making them useful in the endgame!

    Damage Values were created to hopefully avoid a "Meta" so use whatever weapon you like!


    So, what is Racial Weapon Megamod ?
    This may be something you are asking yourself, just now. Well, fortunately for you, I have the answers!

    Racial weapon megamod is a mod I have made over many painstaking hours which aims to bring back all the tiered racial weapons from pre-1.0 version of the game, which were removed around version 1.0.

    This may not be the first attempt at something like this, however, it is (objectively) the best. All 2000 files have been hand-edited exclusively by me and fluffyfloran.


    Installation :
    Just extract the zip file to your starbound mods folder.

    Uninstallation :
    Just remove the mod from your mod folder.
    All weapons should just turn into generic items, and should not render the character unplayable. At least, this was the results of basic testing.

    It may be advisable at mere precautionary sake to make a back-up before making such a move or trashing all owned racial weapons, however it is not necessary.

    Questions, Comments, Bugs, Suggestions ?
    Please post them in the discussion thread for this mod.
    (as opposed to a scathing review).

    So, what makes this mod special ?

    - They're all here !
    All (melee) weapons for all species are available for crafting!

    - 61 uniquely stylized custom racially themed weapons, per race !
    Each race has their own custom stylized axes, broadswords, daggers, hammers, shortswords, and spears!

    All weapons are also edited / stylized by me, which I'm not saying is special in itself, but, if you like my style then... This mod is for you!

    - All weapons are race exclusive !
    Only avians can craft avian weapons, only apex can craft apex weapons, only florans can craft flora- yeah, I think you get it.

    - Tiered Progression !
    All weapons are craftable at the crafting anvil, and new ones will unlock as you craft!
    Crafting a tier 1 axe, for instance, will unlock the second tier axe for your species.

    - Visual crafting recipes !
    What you see, is what you get, in the sense that, for the most part, weapon's visuals influence the materials used to craft them.

    For example, if you see a wooden part to the weapon, logblock is in the crafting requirements!

    This is a simple edit to sustain realism and immersion in the crafting system.

    - Crafting Overhaul !
    This mod uses materials available in base-game v1.2.2 (starbound) to craft the various tiers / types of racial weapons.
    This means, that instead of using cerelium compound, which no longer exists, the recipe now asks for violium / aegisalt / or solarium, which do exist.

    - Easy to find !
    Want to find a very specific weapon? Maybe a tier 7 apex shortsword? No problem! Just type that in at the crafting anvil!

    - Fresh New Abilities !
    Well, sort of . . . They are vanilla 1.4 abilities, but, the abilities, for the most part, are improved to 1.4 version abilities!

    Broadswords, hammers, and spears, have all been given special new secondary abilities for you to use!
    Lower tier weapons often have weaker / more common secondary abilities , whereas higher tier weapons often have more awesome secondary abilities !

    - Racial Staves! (All your favs are now back!)
    Gamebreaker, Crystal Chalcedony, Novakid Light Staves, Aqua, and splash staves, plasma staves, leaf staves, etc, etc, etc!

    Also, with all the same abilities carried over from beta version, replicated as closely as possible!

    Two unique staves per race!

    Racial Elemental Damage !
    Each race has their own specific assigned element(s) / elemental damages according to their culture / composition.

    Vanilla and Fracking Universe compatible !
    This mod can be used whether or not you have fracking universe installed!

    Probably compatible with other racial weapons mods . . .
    I have not tested this mod with other racial weapons mods, but I would assume, due to my unique item naming , it should not conflict with other mods that do the same ( or similar ) things.

    For more (general) info , see my ( now finished ) W.I.P thread .

    If you find a bug , glitch , or other problem , with this mod , please let me know in discussion section of this mod so I can attempt to fix it, instead of rating the mod .


    If you wish for your weapons to glow, and look absolutely sick in general, then I reccomend installing this mod:
    Futara's Dragon Pixel Full Bright Shader

    This mod was revamped with the Full Bright Shader in mind.
    All relevant weapons have glow areas set up.

    For the lighting to work, simply follow the installation instructions of that mod.
    Futara's Dragon Pixel Full Bright Shader IS OPTIONAL, AND IS NOT A DEPENDENCY, unless you want the lighting.



    This mod has been a long time in the making, and I am proud of what it has become.
    Sure, there are many other mods out there which do the same thing, but not in the exact same manner.

    I would like to personally thank all the wonderful members of Starbound's modding community
    who helped make this mod a reality.

    Among these, there were a few who stand out as noteworthy for their personal efforts.

    - MetaFace
    Custom Lua to Restore Staff Functionality

    - FluffyFloran
    Testing, Feedback, General Modding Assistance

    - DrPvtSkittles
    For their custom crafting and vending templates which definitely made my life quite a bit easier.

    - Silver Sokolova
    Custom Lua for Fixed Weapon Prices

    - Neb
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


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