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Racial Weapon Megamod Now Version 1.2.0!

Bringing back your forgotten favorites from starbound's alpha!

  1. Racial Staves!

    Big thank you to MetaFace for the custom lua script to get the staves working!

    New in this update:
    - Racial Staves! (All your favs are now back!)
    Gamebreaker, Crystal Chalcedony, Novakid Light Staves, Aqua, and splash staves, plasma staves, leaf staves, etc, etc, etc!

    Also, with all the same abilities carried over from beta version, replicated as closely as possible!

    For all races as well! Two unique tiered staves!

    Also :
    - Some general re-texturing.
    - Human aegisalt weapons altered to be electric damage type instead of poison, at request / consideration .

    - General file clean-up.

    and that's all for now.
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