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Rainy Day Clothing 2.0

Adds a raincoat and gumboots for your farmer to wear during rainy days!

  1. ViolentQuiche
    Now partially migrated to Content Patcher!

    However, you will still require CJB Item Spawner to bring the hood and boots into your game, and Kisekai so you can change in and out of your raincoat. I'm hoping to eventually create a SMAPI event where you receive these items from an NPC, but I have no idea what I'm doing and will need time to, um, learn how to write mods...

    Adds a yellow raincoat (courtesy of and with permission from HopeWasHere) and matching gumboots for your farmer to wear on rainy days! If you still have the hood equipped when it's not raining, thanks to TheMadCharles, your farmer will wear the hood down.

    The shirts file doesn't like having empty spots, so rather than make 15 other shirts to fill the gap, I moved everything over the top of shirt 103 (because it's the worst) and added the raincoat to the end (shirt 112). The gumboots add +1 Immunity because I figured they would protect against lightning(?)

    I've also included a version that is compatible with the most recent version of Longevity, so the gumboots are included with the MCM items.

    1825-1517400491-212906003.png 1825-1517400562-1256997688.png hood down.png

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