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Realistic Life [WIP] 0.00

Living actually matters now.

  1. iroaseta
    This mod is not released yet. I'm just copying the descriptions over since a proper mod transfership isn't possible so I have to create a new one. There are also some updates I need to make before releasing it as well. Stay tuned.

    I highly recommend you to start a new character to experience this mod.

    If you wish to use this mod on an on-going character, it is highly advisable to backup your player and universe folder since your character will not show up again after using this mod and uninstall it subsequently.

    This overhaul mod is for those who prefer a harsher survival / immersive experience where resources have become a thing you should plan and manage carefully.
    This mod also changed some living related mechanism to make it more of a challenge but not imposing a death sentense just because you did one step wrong.
    This mod also add little tweaks to many aspects to make the universe a little more sensible to be appreciated.
    So, no. This isn't a hardcore mod where not doing anything food related stuff or not doing something you must do in real life at any single moment will kill you.
    For further realistic immersive experiences, I've put down a list of mods at the bottom of this page so perhaps you can pick your own poison as our experiences may vary. I might add that they make your life a whole lot easier and well-worth the justification to use them where they might seem to be a little overpowered or redundant when played with vanilla.
    If you're a casual then I'm afraid this isn't the right mod for you.

    This is not final as this mod is only done based on theory with limited test so use this at your own risk.
    But for those who do use this, feel free to suggest a change after experiencing this mod.

    Do you think some aspects of this mod is just inhumanely impossible to do? Or you've an idea that may increase the realism of Starbound?
    Don't be shy and discuss them in the...Discussion!

    To-do List
    Actually playing the game with this mod and see what changes have to be done.
    [MAYBE, balance issue]Add thirst value to food and drinks depend on the type of food. Very tedious so it'll be slow.

    I'll keep adding to this list as I test the compatibilities with more popular mods that are likely to tweak the changes similar to what I want to change from time to time. I'll take a look at the possible compatibilities between the mods when this overhaul mod is nearly finished as I mostly tweak the mod on the vanilla progression only.

    Frackin Universe
    -Will crash the game-

    This mod aims to
    • Increase the realistic aspect of living in a world generally, without making it a system that is too rigid to be enjoyed (aka walking now drain your energy that kind of absurd masochist system).
    • Increase the necessity of consuming higher quality food unless you can stand eating about 40 Boiled Rice in one go to have a full belly.
    • Increase the opportunity of stacking different status effects given by food. This does not allow same buffs to be multiplied as they'll be overwriten / refreshed when obtaining the same buff from Food A and B for example.
    • Control your hunger more properly as a full belly is not necessarily good at all times.
    • Increase the necessity of you planning your resources properly with usually neglected activities like farming, farming animals, hunting, fishing and/or buying food.
    • Perhaps increase the reliance on vehicles more.
    Mods Incorporated
    • Tile Ground Effects
    Mud goes sticky and ice goes slippery with some other realistic effects for tiles!
    • Ships Aren't Safe
    No more "whoops i'm dying but it's okay since my ship is a miraculous shrine where almost nothing can harm me" situations.

    • Aquatic Rice
    Pretty self-explanatory. Tweaked a bit for the submerge block range.

    Planets and Space
    • Planets now have planetary size. I've two words for new characters, good luck. It is still perfectly doable though.
    • The space is now dark. Perhaps you can think about how small you are in the universe now.
    • The distances between stars are now longer in the navigation UI to reflect a better sense of...distance.
    • Moon has its haunting sound effect changed to a more calming one, though still isolated.


    • Light is now adjusted to a level where it is not too bright but not too dark as well. Something a little more immersive.
    • You can never see pass the blocks now so no more Superman's X-ray vision.
    • You also don't glow in the dark anymore.
    • On-Ear Light is incorporated to ease the players a bit.

    • The time duration in-game has been increased to a variation of ratio where 2 seconds - 3 seconds in real life equates to 1 minute in-game. Making it a 48 - 72 minutes length for a full day and night cycle. You can actually enjoy sunset and sunrise now.
    • Longer Ship Travel Time is incorporated now. 7 minutes of FTL sequence instead of 10 minutes. You shouldn't be doing a barrel-roll every time you travel in space. This makes you to think twice and be well prepared before going to another star system.
    • The duration of sapling growing up to a full grown tree had been increased to 1 hour instead of 5 minutes. Most crops have ~30 minutes time to grow. It just doesn't make any sense for a tree to grow way faster than a crop. Now your timber house is actually not so cheap anymore.

    Farm Animals and Moth Trap
    • Due to a bug where you'll get duplicate animals when you warp to your ship before the egg hatches on a planet, all eggs now hatches in 1~5 seconds.
    • Due to how timer will not count when you're not on the planet of the animals for them to evolve, all babies take 5 minutes to grow now.
    • All animals now take 20 - 30 minutes to be harvested. Don't worry I buffed the drop rate a bit.
    • Farm animals have their drops changed.
      • The default Fluffalo has 70% chance to drop Plant Fibres and 30% chance to drop Living Roots. The Plant Fibres amount has increased to drop 40~80.
      • Electric Fluffalo has 70% chance to drop Static Cell and 30% chance to drop Glow Fibre. Glow Fibre amount ranges from 4~8 so you can craft Glowsticks easily.
      • Poison Fluffalo has 90% chance to drop Venom Sample and 10% chance to drop cell matter. Cell matter amount ranges from 1-2 for the Emergency Ration.
      • Mooshi now has 90% chance to drop Milk and 10% chance to drop Phase Matter. Phase Matter amount ranges from 1-3 for Phase Matter Essence.
      • Every animals now have 80% chance to drop 1, 15% to drop 2, and 5% to drop 3 of their corresponding rare / common drops.
    • Moth Trap now takes a full night to fill up. Moth Trap will lit up as soon as it is night instead of midnight. You'll still see a little bit of sunset when it lights up.
    • Adjusted spawn rates. You can see a little more of them around. Mostly the cute ones where they live on suitable environment filled with life.
    • Fireflies will have a very high chance to spawn to make your nights prettier. I sulk a little bit whenever I only see one or two fireflies around in one whole night.
    • Ocean will have more fishes to make ocean an ocean. Small and big fishes included. The first time I go into the ocean world I have the impression that it is just a very large pond. Toxic and Arctic oceans are not changed since I don't think there's a lot of fishes can survive the harsh environment.



    • Night time (day time is untouched) monsters' spawn rate has been increased. Perhaps you can go hunting at the night, or get hunted. They won't barge your door so no worries about it. This includes big fishes in the normal ocean so keep an eye out of them.
    • Monsters no longer have the aggro sound effect when they are aggressive. It makes the night a little more exciting.

    • Tenants now pay you pixels. No more garbage salve and things you don't even need. Pixels is the most practical thing in Starbound.
    • Miner tenants give 2x more ore things. Sometimes I wonder how can they call themselves a miner with so little ores around.
    • Novakid tenants will now spawn for random species.

    Chefs and Merchants
    • They now sell stuffs from 1x to 2x of the item's base price. Originally 1x.
    • They now also buy stuffs from 0.2x to 0.3x of the item's base price. Originally 0.2x

    When respawning
    • You only have 25% Health. That should be what a respawner does. Respawns you to a somewhat stable state where you can survive but further medical attention is still needed. Medic crewmember and/or good bed will be more welcomed now.
    • You only have 26% Hunger. Same as above as far as the logic goes. It also makes you to try and keep some food reserves instead of just suiciding and wake up with full hunger again.
    • You only have 26% Hydration. It's the same as hunger.
    • The rate of recovering your oxygen is now same as the depletion rate.
    • You now die a whole lot faster if you don't have air. Make sense, isn't it?
    Hunger-related changes
    • Your max Hunger is 400 instead of 70 now.
    • The time needed for a full belly to a starving status had been increased from 20 minutes to 40 minutes so it is less annoying to keep eating.
    • Hungry now occurs at 25% instead of 15%. Coupled with the 26% Hunger when respawning, it means you have to keep some food reserves on your ship or your home to keep yourself in good shape.
    • Emergency Ration had been introduced as a mean to save you in a hunger crisis but it has some severe side effects. Rather expensive to craft as well as it is an emergency ration.
    10x Living Root
    1x Cell Matter (obtain this to unlock recipe)
    1x Static Cell
    1x Phase Matter
    1x Teleporter Core (yes, Teleporter Core)
    1x Synthetic Material
    1x Stick of Ram
    1x Silicon Board

    Hunger States
    • When you're starving, you have 50% movement and jumping penalty. You won't die almost instantly like how it is in vanilla and you can perhaps out-heal the damage in the first few minutes but the longer you stay starving, the faster the damage ticks until you eventually die. You also lose 50% of your attack power due to the status of nearly dying of starvation.
    • When you're hungry, you have 25% movement and jumping penalty. The sound effect's interval is now every 5 seconds instead of 1 second so it is less annoying but it still alert you of the hungry status. You lose 20% of your attack power in this state due to how hungry you are.
    • When you're well-fed, you cannot consume anymore food like how it was in vanilla. However, you will get a 15% movement and jumping penalty due to how full you are. The duration has increased to 200 seconds and it only heals 30 flat Health instead of 100% Health in that period of time to reflect a more realistic aspect of how having a full belly ease your body a little bit but you're nonetheless a bit too full to run as swiftly as you could over a considerate amount of time before your food is properly digested. You also lose 10% of your attack power since your blood cells are focusing on digesting the food. I always abuse this buff in vanilla by consuming cheap food whenever my hunger drops a bit so I kinda hate that.
    Math for Hunger
    Hungry to Normal = 100 food points = 10 minutes = 10 Boiled Rice / Most basic or raw food = 1.3 Fish Pie / 1.8 Meat Stew / 2 Canned Food (400 Pixels)
    Normal to Full = 300 food points = 30 minutes = 30 Boiled Rice / Most basic or raw food = 4 Fish Pie / 5.4 Meat Stew / 6 Canned Food (1200 Pixels)
    Hunger depletion rate = -0.166 per second = 9.96 per minute = 1 Boiled Rice / Most basic or raw food per minute

    Thirst Statuses
    • Dehydration
      • This happens when you reach 0 of thirst. It is similar to starving where you'll get continuous damage and 50% less attack power. However you also get 0 Energy upon this stage and 70% movement penalty.
    • Thirsty
      • This happens when your thirst fall below 25%. You'll have the same penalty as hungry in addition to a very slow initiate time for energy regen.
    • Well hydrated
      • It doesn't give you any benefit or penalty. You can't consume any more water. It's just a status check since I can't find a way to corporate a functioning bar
    • Bottled Water is now Bottled Contaminated Water (BCW). It can be crafted on hand and it gives slow initiate time for energy regen upon consumption along with 10% penalty to movement and power.
    • Bottled Boiled Water is now craftable in Campfire with 1 BCW. It only affects your energy regen like BCW but without the other penalties along with the same quench rate.
    • Bottled Distilled Water (BDW) is now craftable on Apothecary with 1 BCW and 1 Coal. It is safe to be drink and quench your thirst better than BCW.
    • Additionally, Water Distiller and Water Machine DX have been added.
      • Water Distiller
        • Requires bottle and water to craft.
        • 5 seconds craft time.
      • Water Machine DX
        • Requires a bottle to craft.
        • 1 second craft time.
    • Bottled Healing Water can be crafted on hand now. It doesn't quench your thirst though to prevent the abuse of easy clean water. It heals 4.12% HP in 5 seconds.
    • Consuming any water of these three items will give you back an empty bottle.
    • All of them can be stacked to 5 per slot.
    • When consuming them, please drink it slower as the game might not catch up with your action and fail to quench your thirst and giving back an empty bottle.
    • You can craft water from mud, snow and ice (require coal for ice) in Campfire.
    • Most Drinks now provide hydration rate similar to BCW / BBW and requires water to cook / make. A few of them provide hydration rate similar to BDW like Coconut, Cactus and Reef Juice and they do not need any water to cook / make.
    - It takes around ~33 minutes for you to go from well hydrated to dehydration and around 25 minutes for you to go from well hydrated to thirsty.
    - It takes about 5 BDW / 8 BCW to reach well hydrated from dehydration and about 3 BDW / 5 BCW from thirsty to well hydrated.

    • Energy now takes shorter time to begin recharging and recharge at a little faster rate.

    • You can now craft mud so you don't have to water for your plants for the first tick.
    • Hoe has its copper bar requirement halved.
    • (Wooden) Watering Can now requires 50 water.
    • Sprinkler now requires 100 water.
    • Smelting a bar or refining an ore and most ingredients now requires coal or AA Batteries depends on their tier.
    • You can now craft coal in furnace with 1 Wooden Log for 2 Coals.
    • Perfect Armor has been buffed.
      • Attack 300% > 330% [Max is 360]
      • Health 60 > 90 [Max is 120]
      • Energy 60 > 105 [Max is 150]
    • Perfect Armor now has its price adjusted corresponding to the number of Perfect Generic Item required to craft them. IE: Trousers is now 20,000 pixels instead of 50,000 pixels.
    • Perfect Armor now requires additional Refined Aegisalt, Ferozium, Violium and Solarium Stars to craft.
    • Perfect Generic Item now requires additional crafting ingredients:
      • 1x Bio Sample
      • 1x Crystal
      • 1x Coral Fragment
      • 1x Prism Shard
      • 1x Slime Blob
      • 1x Diamond
    • EPPs are now extremely expensive to craft. They have been moved to Replicator, Accelerator, Separator and Manipulator.
    • EPPs no longer have combined protection.
    • All-in-One EPP has been introduced to have all the protections. [Using placeholder art for now]
    • Augmental Backpack has been introduced to have a slot for you to insert an augment.
    • Five consumables have been introduced. They are craftable in Apothecary and unlockable upon looting the ingredient corresponding to their name (Fiery is Scorched Core).
      • Plant Fibre Essence lets you stay oxidised for 5 minutes.
      • Static Cell Essence lets you stay oxidised for 30 minutes.
      • Venom Essence makes you radioactive-resistance for 30 minutes.
      • Fiery Essence makes you warm for 30 minutes.
      • Cryonic Essence makes you cool for 30 minutes.

    Rope and Fabric
    • Rope now requires one cobblestone. How else does it have weight for you to anchor a spot and pull you up?
    • Fabric now requires 20 Plant Fibres to craft instead of 4.
    Pickaxes and Drills
    • Pickaxes and drills are now craftable in anvil and they don't need to be unlocked. Pretty simple to make with drills being a little more complex since they are electronic.
    • Pickaxes have doubled durability and a 4x4 radius so you can mine and move forward.
    • Drills have their power doubled.
    Flares and Glowsticks
    • Flares now glow for 10 minutes and Glowsticks glow for 2 minutes.
    • Glowsticks now can be unlocked upon picking up a Glow Fibre.
    • Glowsticks no longer break upon contacting with monsters.
    • Flares have their colours' intensity toned down for a better vision.

    Crisis Teleporter
    • One-time use teleporter to your ship, anywhere.
    • Can be bought from Teleshop, but they don't accept pixels since not a lot of people order this except the bravest explorers so you've to give them the ingredients to craft one. It takes some time to craft too.
    • Salve remains unchanged. Cheap to make, but not so reliable. (5HP/sec)
    • Bandage now requires 1 Woven Fabric 4 more Plant Fibres to craft. It now takes 5 seconds to heal 50 HP instead of 1 second. (10HP/sec)
    • Medkit now requires 1 each of Scorched Core, Cryonic Extract, Static Cell, Venom Sample and Canvas in addition to 5 Bandages while having the ingredient of phase matter removed to reflect the status resistances given by Medkit. Medkit now heals 240 HP in 20 seconds and the resistance buffs are now 20 seconds long. Crafting it now only gives you 1 instead of 5. (12HP/sec in addition to 25% elemental damage reduction and elemental immunity)
    • Nanowrap Bandage now requires 1 each of Silk, Static Cell, Cryonic Extract, Silicon Board and Stick of Ram in addition to the Synthetic Material and Living Root to craft to reflect the advanced nano-technology where your injured cells are frozen to prevent further damages, your body cells' being shocked to maximize the repairing activities and a nutritious substance to further enhance the healing effect. However, you get slight paralysis (-60% movement and jump) due to how your body cannot stand its rapid healing speed for 3 seconds. It now heals 100 HP in 2 seconds. You only get 1 instead of 5 when crafting it. (50HP/sec)
    • Red Stim now heals 40% HP in 60 seconds. You still can stack this with other healing buffs.
    • Buff items are moved to buff category and Healing items are moved to healing category now. You'll find Antidote in Buff instead of Healing and Red Stim in Healing instead of Buff for example.
    • Beds now no longer pause your hunger depletion rate but slow it by 50%. No more magical "I'm starving let's sleep my starvation problem out".
    • Beds now no longer forcibly strip you off of your clothes, giving you the choice to sleep with clothes or naked or half-naked.
    • Two new Hibernation devices had been introduced as a mean to pause the hunger depletion rate instead. One is Hibernation Pod, which you can craft anytime on the Industrial Workbench and the other one is Hibernation Force Cell, which can only be learnt upon finding a Force Cell in one of those USCM prisons. Both of them have different materials to craft.

    Erchius Fuel
    • Crystal Erchius Fuel (Now named Erchius Crystal Ore) and Liquid Erchius Fuel (Now named Erchius Liquid) can no longer be used as ship fuel.
    • You now have to materialise them to form a Erchius Crystal to be used as ship fuel. You can also craft Diluted Liquid Erchius through Atomic Furnace where its catalytic property is twice as effective.
    • All Liquids now no longer have a price due to water conversion / dilution system being too effective. You can still do it however.
    • Infinity Express no longer sells Erchius Liquid but Erchius Crystal now.
    • This is to encourage players to actually mine the moon to its deeper core for its Liquid Erchius instead of grabbing whatever Crystal Erchius you can find on the surface of the moon and call it a day. And perhaps make the intestine looking thing spooky until you terraform the moon.
    • You can now craft Phase Matter Essence so the intestine looking thing won't haunt you forever.
    • A dilution system for (Diluted) Liquid Erchius will be largely rewarding now.
    200 Erchius Crystal Ore + 500 Erchius Liquid = 1 Erchius Crystal
    200 Erchius Crystal Ore + 250 Diluted Erchius Liquid = 1 Erchius Crystal
    50 Erchius Liquid + 100 Water + 2 Small Batteries = 25 Diluted Erchius Liquid
    1 vanilla ship travel = 100 Fuel = 1 Erchius Crystal

    • S.A.I.L. is now more informative for the new changes and items upon picking up corresponding material or inflicting status effects.

    • They cost 10x more to repair now. Take a good care of your (mod) vehicle if you don't want to burn a hole in your wallet.
    • Rob Repairo is now craftable in Architect's Table so you don't have to go to Outpost to repair your vehicles.
    • Auto Chips are also craftable in Atomic Furnace for those who prefer to craft.
    Treasure Pool
    • Ores now have 5% chance to spawn in chest instead of 16%. This is to encourage players to mine more and there shouldn't be so much ores around on the surface anyway. You can still skim the surface of the planets and keep jumping around until you get enough ores but that won't be as effective as you go mining.
    • Healing items now have 10% chance to spawn in chest instead of 16%.
    • Mother Poptop no longer drops 20 Core Fragments but she'll drop 5 pickaxes to aid your mining journey.
    • There's a reduced rate for Core Fragments to appear in the chests in the Lush planet's mining dungeon.
    • Chance of finding ores in space encounters have been reduced while the chance of finding sloped panels have been increased.
    • The amount of huge liquid fuel you can find on space encounters have now reduced to 10x of small quantities of liquid fuel (100, 250 and 50).
    • Since the Terrene Protectorate Field Guide noted that there should be 3 crew members onboard the ship at all time, there should be enough emergency supplies for 3 crew members then.
    • The shiplocker now contains
      • 2 more canned food
      • 6 Bottled Distilled Water
      • 12 Salves
      • 6 Bandages
      • 3 Emergency Ration
      • 3 Crisis Teleporter
      • 3 Manipulator Module
      • 1 Rare Pistol
      • 15 Climbing ropes
      • 6 Flares
      • 15 Glowsticks with three variations of colours
      • 3 Sleeping bags
    • Some recipes for items that have functionality have been revised to keep them consistent including rusted rails and some consoles. Decorative items have to wait when I'm up to a tedious task again. I probably won't touch a lot of them except a few.
    • Tweaked some description of items to fit the changes appropriately.
    List of Recommended Mods to be used alongside with Realistic Life :

    Farming, food, tools related mods :

    Gardenbot2: Reboot Edition
    Since farming has become an essential activity now, getting a help or two from these bots are extremely helpful.

    CN More Farming and its related Perennial and / or compact patches
    This adds more than just farming. It also adds cooking! It also makes the hunger system more satisfying since there are some foods that are >100 food values where vanilla stops at 100 for Ultimate Juice.

    Compact Crops and Perennial Crops
    I personally don't use Perennial Crops but I'm sure someone will love it. Makes the whole farming scene better than you can imagine.

    Efficient Watering
    Watering your pretty plants shouldn't be a torture.

    New Farmables Flowers
    Everyone loves flowers!

    Food Spoil Bar
    An extremely food QoL mod especially when food has become a resource you must manage now.

    Improved Food Description
    Extremely useful for you to gauge your hunger. A must-have.

    Ground Penetrating Radar Station
    Since you can't see pass through the blocks now, this becomes an essential and QoL item. The vanilla ore detector works but, let's say this is far superior.

    Avali's Heavy Mining Laser
    This is the best mining tool I ever used. If you don't want to cheat it in you can install the Avali mod and find a settlement with Avali's crafting station then borrow or steal it. Nobody judges, it's Starbound.

    Weighted Grappling Hook and Flashlight
    This makes a Grappling Hook that is actually usable. Download link is in the Steam page description

    Augment Extractor
    Makes your augment life a whole lot easier.

    Monster, NPC and Critter

    Enable Monsters Special Attack
    Monster uses bodyslam! Please, no more.

    Monster Unique Sounds
    Adds a little more excitement for the nights.

    Supper's Npc Improvements
    Humanoid creatures can actually aims now instead of having a little daydream before they pull the trigger. Applicable to both friendly and hostile NPCs.

    Fixed Critter

    More Critters and Scenery
    Great addition of critters for you to immerse yourself with the nature. Download link and corresponding module in the steam page's description.


    Makes space truer.

    Dramatic Terrain or Natural Slopes
    Nobody likes Minecraft's square blocky look. Not too sure if Natural Slopes has a non-steam download though.

    Environmental Safety
    Remember what I've done for the EPP? Still think this is just something good to have for your base? Grab it now or keep chugging one of those essences.

    Field Generator
    This let you alters gravity plus tile protection. Useful if you wanna build on a meteor planet or asteroid.

    Visible Meteor Shower
    Survival chance has been increased up to 50%.

    Diverse Weather
    Really great weather mod. May kill your machine if you landed on a foggy planet though.

    Planetary Clock
    Since night has more monsters, it'll be nice to know the time of the planet on your ship or underground.


    Customizable Shuttlecraft
    This makes vertical mining a whole lot better. The mining bot from Gardenbot also mine but nothing beats a bomber ship clearing the terrains. It also makes exploring much better with its numerous variants.

    It's like Customizable Shuttlecraft, but more personal and more explore-y.
    You need some patch file or something go read their discussion.

    Wolfen FLCN-11 Gunship
    I like to fish on top of this plane. No joke.

    Steam Workshop :
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Do not include this mod in compilations.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.
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