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Remove Touch Damage v1.0 (Glad Giraffe)

Removes touch damage from monsters when not actively attacking.

  1. Wellbott
    There have been a number of grumblings about the return of touch damage from monsters, so here we are.

    This mod removes the touch damage from monsters whenever they aren't actively trying to attack the player, i.e. in between charges or while wandering. To compensate, touch damage has been increased across the board by about 50%.

    There are some edge cases; hopping monsters are effectively just more dangerous, since their movement is their attack, and there are probably some monsters who pose no threat at all now. Such is life among the stars.

    ===>Please report any bugs in this thread!<===
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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Recent Reviews

  1. leodudjak
    Version: v1.0 (Glad Giraffe)
    touch damage is exceeded
  2. Phantomgo
    Version: v1.0 (Glad Giraffe)
    very usefull
  3. Forcedminer
    Version: v1.0 (Glad Giraffe)
    what can i say?
    I despise touch damage

    when we had randomized mods with randomized powers turned into biome specific mods with touch damage.

    the look of them is great no question but touch damage? you've gone backwards....
  4. Slaughter300
    Version: v1.0 (Glad Giraffe)
    This is a great mod for new players to the game if they want an extremely easy play-through. Not to say that is a bad thing but I personally feel it takes a bit much away from the game play. I like taking no damage from contact such as walking by an enemy and in some cases you can do just that if you time it right just before they become alert. Taking no damage at all will completely negate making bandages or eating food that doesn't give a bonus status effect. I keep this mod on hand if I ever feel like I might want to use it but I'm enjoying the game as is for now.

    I don't play with this mod even after installing extra dungeons mod which adds more ways of dying and it also fixed the bugs I was having with some enemies in the sewers not moving but it also made most of the minions from Ixodoom not move unless you attack them. I can do with that not being fixed honestly that boss is hard on it's own w/o powerful weapons.
  5. sithalo
    Version: v1.0 (Glad Giraffe)
    idk what LegendXCarisso is talking about, the mod seems to remove all damage except actual attack damage from monsters for me.
    i walked right through a number of monsters and none of them caused me any harm at all unless it hit me with an attack.
    the mod description doesnt say it only does it on peaceful monsters, it says it does it on monsters that are not actively trying to attack the player, i.e. in between chargers or while wandering and it works far as my game seems concerned

    but ive noticed recently that no enemies seem to hit me. ive been hit with projectiles, but the basic critter enemys just bounce around me and one regular monsters didnt do anything but walk back and forth over me.
    I think i remember them hurting me before and i havnt tested it out alot alot lol but its worth a mention lol
  6. LegendXCarisso
    Version: v1.0 (Glad Giraffe)
    Unlike what Pixelguru says, you must absolutely be careful to remember that this still does NOT "remove touch damage" truly, which is unfortunate... as in the description, it only does so on peaceful monsters... which is kinda pointless anyway considering peaceful/passive monsters WON'T attack you anyway! I don't want touch-damage anywhere in my game. Period. I also dislike the fact damage is INCREASED even with this mod, making an already-frustrating situation even worse. This doesn't remove touch damage... not even remotely... not where it counts.

    I'd be willing to give this five stars if this actually removed touch damage entirely, from every single monster period. Make combat great again.
  7. Pixelguru26
    Version: v1.0 (Glad Giraffe)
    A utility that does what it says on the tin. Thank you.
  8. NeatCrown
    Version: v1.0 (Glad Giraffe)
    i r8 8/8 m8. this is gr8! good that this isn't th@ l8
  9. Lleerk
    Version: v1.0 (Glad Giraffe)
    Thank you. you are a hero.
  10. Coiso
    Version: v1.0 (Glad Giraffe)
    Good! No more anoing damage in close combat with gloves! Thanks!!!