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Reno's Item Pack Glad Giraffe - 1.5p2

A multiplayer-compatible way to spawn any item for free.

  1. Liquid collection!

    • The spawnable matter manipulators can now collect liquids.
    • The manipulators and the other cheat tools are now invisible in-game.
    • You need to respawn your cheat tools for these changes to take effect.
    • You do not need to re-unlock the recipes this update, though it is highly recommended that you do so right now. (I failed to remind people the last update, which did require re-unlocking.)
  2. Fixed a crash with the RP currency

    • Fixed a crash caused by clicking with the RP currency.
    • Clicking with the RP currency now makes an item pickup sound.
    NOTE: You MUST respawn all your currency in order for the crash fix to take effect!
  3. The polish update

    • No new spawnable items were added.
    • Completely fixed the miscellaneous vanity items for the Glad Giraffe update.
    • Fixed titles in the spawning UI.
    • Split racial weapons into three stations. (The single station was lagging me out badly.)
  4. Hotfix

    Fixes a crash relating to a nonexistent item. If you're one of the eight people unlucky enough to have downloaded the crashy version, please redownload (and respawn the Misc. Spawner).

    For technical people: I had to change the ID "hoverbikecontroller" to "hoverbikecontrollerkhaki". The former does not exist.
  5. The Glad Giraffe update

    • Added all Glad Giraffe items.
    • Added a sixth object spawner for the new objects in Glad Giraffe.
    • The RNG Spawner is now simply a second weapon spawner.
    • Dyes can be found in the Vanity Spawner.
    • Removed OP Shorts and OP Pants (they're redundant). In their place, the OP Fez is now more OP. "Nerfed" OP Fez's protection to 100 (it is enough to reduce all damage reducible by protection to zilch).
  6. Fixed the positioning of the currency items

    If you're among the five people who downloaded the version with broken currency positioning, you're gonna need to download the mod again. Sorry about that.
  7. The roleplay money update!

    This update is for the people on Orion's Edge, although any roleplayer can use the new currency system that I've implemented. The currency can be spawned in the Reno's Item Pack spawner and you can exchange denominations using the main crafting interface. (You'll need to reunlock Reno's Item Pack using the instructions in the mod's description in order to spawn and exchange the new currency, even if you've already unlocked the item pack before this update.)
  8. Fixed the wrong colouring in the Nude Smurf Top 2.

    I should keep an eye on my colour codes next time.
  9. Fixed crash upon using the vanity spawner.

    Ugh. That's all I should say.
  10. Actually fixed the interface issues this time.

    Also, these other bugfixes and improvements happened:
    • Added an unlocker for the item pack.
    • Added instructions that allow old characters to unlock the item pack.
    • Added several cheat tools, including a cheat matter manipulator. (What a huge oversight. :facepalm:)
    • Added a unique identifying icon for each of the spawners. (Which also fixes a bug that increased the game's loading time due to a missing image asset.)
    • Last but not least, fixed the UI for the spawners. It...
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