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Retr0's Less Floaty Movement v1.6

(It's back! Again) Makes changes to the movement of the character. Now for 1.0!

  1. v1.6 (It's alive! ALIVE!)

    Updated for 1.0! The mod works the same as before, however many values have been tweaked for smoother movement.

    + Added support for the new jump tech
    - Removed tech version (There are many dedicated mods for the features that are included in the mod)

    Another huge thanks to @Mackinz for reminding me to update this mod on the modding repository!
  2. v1.4 / v1.1 (Tech)

    This update separates the existing Less Floaty Movement into two different mods: Less Floaty Movement (which only has the player movement changes) and Less Floaty Movement Tech (which carries all the features prior to this version)

    + Player now takes the correct amount of fall damage (Huge thanks to @Mackinz for the info)
    - Removed the reduced cooldown on the Dash and FTL Boost techs
    - Removed energy use on the Dash and FTL Boost techs
    - Removed the faster walking speed

  3. v1.3 (Back from the dead, baby!)

    A huge thank you to all who have made me aware of the broken mod, and thanks for @Mackinz for the info on how to fix the problem, however I unfortunately have a Mac. For now the mod will remain in folder form, but in the near future I shall put it back into a .modpak file.

    + Dash and FTL Boost techs now have their cooldown drastically reduced (Like in EK)
    + Dash and FTL Boost use energy (Dash being 35 energy and FTL Boost being 100 energy like in EK)
    + The mod actually works.

    Many thanks...
  4. v1.2

    This mod is now updated for Spirited Giraffe!

    + Moving backwards is now faster
    + Walking is now also faster
  5. v1.1b

    + Changed file format to .modpak
  6. v1.1

    + Changed the movement.config to a .patch file.

    Many thanks to @greenRAM for doing what I was too lazy to do.