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Latest Reviews

  1. the3rdkira
    Version: 6.1.28
    Pros: Suprasses vanilla game in almost every aspect, total rework of game with a huge amount of new, high quality content. Adds much of replayability to the somewhat lacking base game.

    Cons: Overcomplicated crafting tree, overwhelms player with a large amount of information at start, worse learning curve compared to original game.
    1. sayter
      Author's Response
      Fair criticism, especially if you are not a reader by nature. This is largely by design, and understandably not everyone's cup of tea:)
  2. Renjmon
    Version: 1.1
    The modification gives a very mixed feeling.
    In each of its plus there is a minus.
    There are too many to list them all.
  3. rosinha1
  4. BreadyFedy
    Version: V2.1.4
    "API is not responding" and map editor does nothing
  5. kusmep
    Version: 1.81
    honestly this is my favorite rpg mod
  6. maxzmey
    Version: 11.0.3
    I understand the mod is dead, no news, updates, etc., all that we have at the moment in the latest version is only decor armor and furniture, sorry.
  7. raanana
    Version: 1.81
  8. the3rdkira
    Version: 1.1
    Nice mod, definitely looks better than vanilla human hairstyles.
  9. porxygamer
    Version: 0.4
    where do you find (Dimensional Liquid)
  10. Qualitybait
    Version: α-1.2
    Love the Moogles, they're a fuzzy race everyone can appreciate.

    Now waiting for the No mou and Bangaa to get a race mod so that I'll have the whole of Ivalice roaming around.

    Maybe some Hume Clothing that resembles the jobs available in Tactics too.
  11. Ashtar084
    Version: 1.2.0
    how i use the teleport what key i need to push?
  12. demonwolf301
  13. SOP31
    Version: v0.5.12
    an excellent addition to the game,
  14. Sofian
    Version: 1.5
    5/5 Stars Love BL2 and my favorite shield combo is double penetrating unkept harold and the Bee shield
  15. oi rs
    oi rs
    Version: 1.0
    Oi! Eu só preciso baixar esse e colocar na pasta mods ou eu tenho que pegar o mod original mais a tradução? Inclusive, obrigada pela tradução
  16. Eskender
    Version: 1
    SCO makes it too difficult (in a bad way) to play with new characters, so this patch is essential
  17. Renjmon
    Version: Upgrade Version
    Although I understand that the author has his own vision of the mod, however, my favorite weapon, "firefly", was cut and damaged. missing quick-fire one-handed shotguns, which is also negative. The fact that the weapons were divided into categories is correct and beautiful. But they added such types of weapons, which leave an unpleasant impression. The old version was better. I’ll probably stay on it.
    1. TrueDefiant
      Author's Response
      Hi! May I ask what did you dislike about the Firefly? Maybe I can work something about.

      As for the one-handed, fast firing shotgun, I'm assuming you're referring to the Havoc. The gun still exists in the game files, and you can spawn the Havoc with /spawnitem knightfall_havoc. I've temporarily removed it since I plan to make it a mission reward in the near future.
  18. rosinha1
  19. DanilaMirAlex
    Version: 1.6.4-Fix1
    The mod seems to be really nice, but i have a problem that is:
    [Error] Application: exception thrown, shutting down: (ItemException) Duplicate item name 'crusaderscrossbow' found
    Help me please, i can send and log if needed
    1. Random_NPC1996
      Author's Response
      Fixed it, should work now. Let me know if there pops some more errors up. It was just a little item name conflict.
  20. rosinha1