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Latest Reviews

  1. DMurrior
  2. Turbotowns
    Version: 0.1
    SO COOL! I can't wait to see how this develops!
  3. Ashtar084
    Version: 1.3.1 Mage Batons
    very nice race ty :)
  4. Ashtar084
    Version: 1
    nice ty very much :D
    1. sayter
  5. ZScharfrichter
  6. ZScharfrichter
  7. Natural Aura
    Natural Aura
    Version: 0.1.1b
    Appreciate the dedication and time you spent developing this mod! I'm do quite enjoy FU, and to see that "Better Crafted Blocks" was expanded onto FU was certainly a sight to see! ^^

    Seeing as there is no longer a steam workshop version of this mod available, I take it that it was integrated into FU?
  8. Lumpy109
    Version: 1.7.1
    Love using this mod.
  9. GrVT-ChILd
    Version: v1.3.2
    great mod but...how do i use the addon?
    1. Errors4l
      Author's Response
      You can download them from here: https://github.com/Silverfeelin/Starbound-Wardrobe-Addons

      A lot of these are meant for the Steam mods but you'll be able to find a bunch over here as well. Just install the add-on as well as the mod the add-on is made for (i.e. Wardrobe, Wardrobe - Frackin' Universe and Frackin' Univse).
  10. trollcritic
    Version: 0.4.0
    JESUS !
    4 years ago the mod die like mass effect after ME3

    But out of nowhere, an email show up telling me

    "want some good galarien shit ?"

    Hell yeah !
    Didn't try it yet, maybe i'm gonna try, but, just for the idea to make that mod revived, take thoses stars !
    1. Zaakari
      Author's Response
      Wow, thanks for the review.
      I'm kind of surprised you took the time to respond.
  11. Ashtar084
  12. GrVT-ChILd
  13. GrVT-ChILd
  14. 22neptun
    Version: V3.1.2 WANDERING MARE
    Excellent mod, it really has everything I could ask for for an immersive pony space adventure.
  15. Talos+
    Version: 1.4
    Solid mod, still having an issue withe the mech cinematic causing a crash.
  16. blackpigeon23
    Version: v0.13
    You are doing the ganga lords work, my friend, fux the other reviewers here, this is amazing, me and my friends have been getting bank and smokin good. Thanks for this mod bro!
  17. zetaskully
    Version: 1.3.3
    I have no experience in coding whatsoever so bear with me. Nothing happens when I click on unpacker.exe. The program immediately opens and closes then and nothing happens.
  18. AL10N
    Version: 1.0
    Модификация классная вот тока не меняет вид оружия как в 7 уровне и чтобы изменить вид надо сначала установить 7 уровень а потом уже этот если это исправят я поставлю 5 звёзд
  19. Morden
    Version: 1.0
    Definitely increases a character's capacity for mayhem, which of course increases the player's fun.