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Revised Mining Tools 2.2

Returns craftable picks and drills, boosts mining tool stats, and adds new mining tool tiers.

  1. Version 2.2

    Removed crystal from Pulse Miner and Laser Mining Tool recipes
  2. 1.4 Update

    -What was this mod's version of the Laser Mining Tool is now called the Pulse Miner. It behaves exactly as it did before.

    -Removed prism shards from the Pulse Miner's recipe and replaced it with a laser diode (seriously, how did I not have that before?).

    -Changed the Laser Miner's beam range from 20 to 99.

    -Increased Laser Miner's durability to from 750 to 10,000. It won't break at the drop of a hat now.

    -Removed Laser Miner's energy consumption because...
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  3. Update June 08, 2019 (2.01 hotfix)

    Unfortunately, this mod's compatibility with ExtendedGUI has been suspended. Whether this is temporary or permanent has yet to be seen, but the patch used to make it compatible was causing the entire crafting interface to be thrown out of whack and had to be removed. It should be compatible with other mods so long as they do not alter the crafting interface. Most notably, it is still compatible with Frackin' Universe. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

    2.0 update:...
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  4. Update 20Jun17

    Added durasteel picks and drills, per user request.
    Fixed a slight bug with ExtendedGUI compatability. If the UI screen is acting up, try installing ExtendedGUI through this site and not through Steam.
  5. Spelling fix

  6. Durability+other

    -Drastically increased tool durability across the board, especially for stronger metals
    -Laser miner now only requires one crystal to craft instead of five
    -Fixed bug with copper drill not working as it should
  7. Added some, took some

    -Removed platinum drill and platinum pickaxe from the crafting menu
    -Added tungsten and titanium picks/drills
  8. ExtendedGUI Compatibility Update

  9. 1.0 Update

    -Ported to 1.0+
    -Added a "mining" section to the anvil - mining tools are crafted there
    --First tier has picks, second adds drills, and third adds laser miner
  10. Drill buff

    Greatly increased drill durability, since hot damn do those things go quickly.