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Rick and Morty Outfits 1.7

Dress up as Rick, Morty, Mr Meeseeks and female versions

  1. Added Jerry's Jumpsuit and Unity

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  2. This mod now requires Skittle's Mega Crafter

  3. Optimised pngs with PNG Gauntlet

  4. New stuff n fixes

    Re-added missing miss morty hair v1
    Polished some sprites
    Added Summer, Jerry and Beth outfits n human hair
  5. Vending Machine

    Mr PoppyButthole hat
    Clothing recipes have been removed, you can now craft a RicknMorty vending machine at the inventor's table for 300 pixels. You can purchase all clothing items from there.
  6. Fixes Female Rick hair

    The human hair had the incorrect palette.
    2nd brow type wasn't available.
  7. Pickle Rick

    Rick n Morty human hair
    Rick wig anime eyes compatible version
    Morty's sleeves 1 pixel longer
    Pickle Rick. Skinny n fat version. With and without legs. I'm sorry in advance for the nightmares skinny Pickle Rick will give you.
    (rat rick is on the maybe pile)
    Added the wigs as human hairstyles

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