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Outdated Rise of the Hylotl 1.8 - Dungeons Fixed

Hylotl-themed dungeons, lore-based armors, weapons, items, tiles, objects, etc.

  1. seancruz


    what is RotH?

    Hi guys, RotH is planned to be a rather large mod that focuses on the hylotl race. They're such a strange and alien race, that I think they deserve to have a lot more interesting content to set them apart. I aim to make the mod very balanced, while at the same time challenging the player a little bit. Check the features for what I plan to implement.

    • Hi guys and gals. This mod definitely needs updating, and I planned all sorts of new content and features, but I'm really busy with my own game + job + life. Plus, I don't even know if Starbound's coding has changed since I last worked on the mod. Just making sure everyone has the right expectations: I do want to resume the mod. But it's gonna take a while til that happens.

    Current Features
    • *UPDATE* New Expanded Monastery village and structures setpieces to discover on various worlds! As well as new building materials and decorations.
    • Female Armor support!
    • New weapons, villages and houses generation!
    • 5 brand-spanking new armors to outfit your alien self.
    • Currently 3 new hylotl weapons - many more on the way.
    • 3 new kinds of farmable plants that provide crafting materials for weapons, armors, and more uses later on.
    • Currently 1 new back lantern.
    • Mobs (especially fish) drop more than the usual money/cell materia/ hardened monster plate/ holiday spirit.
    • New later-tier medicinal consumables to help you on your adventures.
    • New hylotl-themed building tiles and materials that sticks to the lore, with a tad of creativity.
    • New decorative objects, as well as new lore-based crafting objects.
    How Does This Work?
    The mod at the moment has a lot of things that require some explaining.


    On tier 3, you'll gain access to the Galactic Market Network, an online, 3D printing store that sells exotic goods you just can't find anywhere else. At the moment, the GMN has very little, but it has this:


    The Coraltree!

    The Coraltree is a religious artifact, where hylotls meditate and gain "inspiration". Their "inspirations" and "epiphanies" allow them to learn new crafting materials, the new tiles, and new objects, such as:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The Herb Garden and the Kinumo Healing Pool!

    The Herb Garden is special. Every peaceful, earth-loving hylotl ought to have one. The Herb Garden gives you access to the new seeds. These plants do not produce food; they produce resources that the hylotls have used since antiquity to craft durable materials, armors, weapons, and objects.


    The Herb Garden also allows you to "fertilize" the herbs with Fertilizer.

    Mobs now drop poop, though not excessively. Poop can be turned into Fertilizer. Fertilizer "fertilizes" your Herb Garden! We'll talk more about why you need them herbs. Now, to the Healing Pool: the Healing Pool is a place for your hylotl to rest and relax. The Healing Pool is a place-able object that heals the player fast if he is near enough. Thing is, it's expensive, so save up.


    Now why do you need herbs? Herbs are crafting materials that allow you to craft new medicinal and healing consumables. I'll explain what each does, left to right.
    1. Herbal Tea: similar to a medkit, slightly stronger; a little bit of warmth.
    2. Strong Herbal Tea: similar to a medkit but considerably stronger. And warmer.
    3. Strange Herbal Tea: even stronger than the above, only weird. And it regenerates a bit.
    4. Herbal Soup: a delicious stew of awesomeness that heals you, fills your hunger, and gives you double jump for a bit. Expensive to craft however.
    5. Herb Bandage: like the Bandage but slightly longer.
    6. Herb Cast: like the nanowrap but longer and better.
    Of course, making these powerful herbal medicines are more expensive than bandages and nanowraps. They should come in handy in the later tiers. You craft the herbal items in a Wooden Kitchen.

    What Else?!?
    Besides the main features above, the player will be able to craft a tier 2 and 3 armor, and weapon: the Fishbone Armor.


    Fish now drop things. No longer are they useless flying things that somehow jump out of water and fly. Fish now drop Fishbone, Fish Oil, and Fish Scales. You can see 'em between the green tea cup, and the glass jar. These three materials can be used to craft new armors and weapons, though at the moment, just the Fishbone armor and hammer.


    The tier 1 armor is the Missionary's Robes, fitting since hylotls are sent out as missionaries. The tier 2 armor is the Kinumo Set. This new armor is better than the vanilla tier 2 armor, but still worse than tier 3.


    You'll also have access to the new back lantern. I'm not sure whether I should keep it or not. We'll see.


    And finally, some remaining pics and screenies.

    These are the currently implemented weapons. Many more will come that will be balanced, and harder to craft.

    And some screenies of the new blocks (though there are also vanilla blocks used to construct the homes). Almost everything so far are in these screenshots. I've planned to make dungeons and setpieces in later updates. One of the setpieces will be a Missionary Village that looks similar to the structures below. Some of the new blocks are heavily similar to the hidden ornate blocks. I did that on purpose so as to not spoil Chucklefish's intended release.

    Oh, and I believe all the new blocks can be painted different colors with the paint tool.






    What's Next?
    • Tier 1 armor and craftables.
    • New weapons, armors, back items, vanity items.
    • Guns.
    • New tiles and upcoming dungeons and setpieces.
    • Hopefully bosses and hylotl mobs. Hopefully. I ain't a programmer.
    • New mob drops for later tiers.
    • Edit the UI interfaces for the objects to have proper filters, and buttons.
    • Less "pixel" crafting, and more crafting using the materials we collect and mine.
    • New decorative objects of course.
    • A new farmable for late tiers.
    • Upgradeable Coraltree, Healing Pool, and Herb Garden.
    • More exotic craftables for the Galactic Market Network.
    • ...don't know what else. Maybe you've got a good suggestion :)

    Unzip and place in your mod folder. Simple as that.

    Logo font credit: Tetra, by MRfrukta, slightly edited.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.

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    Version: 1.8 - Dungeons Fixed
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    Very nice mod I love that you added some detail to a very mysterious race and I think you should keep the back lantern so I'd rate 7 out of 5 if I could
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    It is a good mod but you should add an underwater dungeon
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    Version: 1.8 - Dungeons Fixed
    You bring tears to an old Hylotl Guardian. Very fond of the traditional roots is brings forth as well as my OWN people appearing on planets in said locations warms my moisty heart. Keep it up!
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    Version: 1.8 - Dungeons Fixed
    I Think This Is A Good Mod And All But One Thing I Think You Missed About The Hylotl Is That They Aren't Just Oriental They Have Some Modern Tech To And I Was Saddened When You Didn't Make A Single Touch To Their Modern Side Hope You Will Add Some More Modern Stuff In The Next Update ;)