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RPG Growth 1.92

Adds RPG-like growth (stat points and classes) to Starbound

  1. Patch 1.24 Fixed

    See Original Patch 1.24 For Changes.
  2. Patch 1.24 Revert -> 1.23

    Changed back because something went awry.
  3. Patch 1.24

    All Quest Items (Spiral Energy, Gun Parts, Dying Stars, Ether, Meteoric Metal, and Parasitic Goo) are now dropped through Fills instead of Pools, meaning their drop rates are more fine-tuned and cannot be distilled by other mods.

    In addition, higher tiered enemies, target enemies (found in doc), and enemies that have been hunted using bows yield items at a much higher rate.

    For example, consider a Spookit (Regular Ether Drop) and a Gosmet (Target Ether Drop).
    • At Tier 1, Spookit...
  4. Patch 1.23

    Removed lag with 1-Handed FU Weapons caused by sub-optimal weapon name check.
  5. Patch 1.22

    • Mechanics
      • Drop Rates:
        • General Class Item Drop Rates increased.
        • Class Item Hunting Drop Rates increased further.
        • Trictus no longer drops Spiral Energy.
      • Class Tech Mechanics:
        • Resetting Class with Reset Scroll removes techs.
        • Resetting a Class at Level 50 does not remove techs.
        • Resetting a Class below Level 50 or with a Class Reset Scroll only removes techs from that Class specifically.
      • All Unique Weapons scale with Stats...
  6. Patch 1.21

    UI Fixes.
    Soldier Quest Fixed.
    Venom Affinity Fixed.
    Aether Shuriken Updated.
  7. Major Update Patch

    Class Weapons, Affinities, Hardcore, Bug Fixes and general QoL Additions: this patch adds all of this and a bit more.

    As with all big updates, expect bugs we couldn't account for. All of us on the dev team are now getting destroyed by college/work, so our testing isn't as expansive as we'd like :/

    Regardless, a proper changelog will be documented on the Google Doc, and perhaps in the description. I want to go to sleep though :p

    Have fun!
  8. Major Update Patch

    1. Overhauled the XP system.
      • Monsters always drop XP, and XP does not replace other drops.
      • Boss Monsters drop slightly more XP.
      • Vault Monsters drop XP.
      • Monster XP drop through Treasure Pools instead of Lua.
      • Special Thanks to Azure Fang
    2. Tech Balance:
      1. All Techs:
        • Cooldowns shown at top left.
        • Wizard Magic Shield
        • Ninja Assassinate
        • Rogue Toxic Aura
        • Rogue Toxic Capsule
        • Rogue...
  9. Fixed certain monster XP bug.

    Removed bad function and spawn XP in a slightly different way to prevent errors.

    There is now a way to remove this mod without losing your characters. Follow the directions in the description.
  10. XP Economy Update!

    XP now drops in larger quantities from all monsters and hostile npcs. Bosses drop a large, set amount.

    All monsters and npcs can be affected by class abilities, like Bleed and Soldier Stun.

    Soldier no longer has infinite food.

    Vitality can no longer make food infinite.