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Russian Weapon Pack REDUX 2.5

Weapon Mod

  1. Russian Weapon Pack REDUX

    Russian Weapon Pack REDUX (2.5)

    What's new:
    - Texture all weapons replaced by more clear
    - Changed the texture of the weapon table
    - Changed the texture of the Weapon Store
    - All weapons can be upgraded to "Rare" rank
    - Added modifications to improve weapons
    - All improvements are carried out only on one table, without the need to create a table of higher rank
    - Changed the recipe of the weapon table, now you need more materials to create it

  2. Russian Weapon Pack v 2.1 (EN)

    v 2.1

    Weapon damage has been changed to lower to avoid imbalance, the price has also been increased on all weapons.
    Mod translated into English.

    Patch is installed as desired
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  3. Russian Weapon Pack v 2.0

    v 2.0

    What's new:
    Added weapons table where you can create weapon upgrades, with upgrades to create improved versions of your weapons. The weapon table can be made on a usual drawing table from 8 ingots of iron and 8 ingots of copper.

    Peculiar properties:
    - 4 modification of modules for the available weapons in the mod (except for the new and AK47, the changes will be in the next update)
    - Upgrades for weapons can not be bought from...