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S3r1ous Mods 125

Compatible with the latest version. Easy to use. Stable. Periodic Updates.

  1. 120

    Well its been a while, im playing this game after long time and decided to update the pack.

    apatch.pak - Starbound Patch Project 1.5.5 jss2a98aj https://is.gd/BZJasQ
    bpatch.pak - Project Redemption 8.8 Armok https://is.gd/4xDhp9
    cpatch.pak - Fix Starbound 11/12/22 ŔĘÜŠŠ(´・ω・`) https://is.gd/yufEOj
    crewplus.pak - Crew Customization + 5.61 FelmastProMcLane https://is.gd/SPdm6o
    divwea/o.pak - Diverse Weather + Optimized 10/4/18+15/8/23 gay moth aunt, Nyanax :3 https://is.gd/phDXx0, https://is.gd/vvvgzx
    eobound.pak - Even MORE Optimized Optimizebound! 1.2/+1/4/23 OzonSF and crockan https://bit.ly/2pHeeLt, https://is.gd/uaTzmR
    fixnpcq.pak - Fix 'Protect NPC' quest 1.0.1 DarkRainX https://is.gd/je0b8s
    idpartic.pak - Improved Damage Particles 16/8/23 Sumenora https://is.gd/pIXpg2
    lpixel.pak - Lagless Pixel Printer! 30/7/23 Silver Sokolova https://is.gd/Abv6K4
    goods/fix.pak - Pixel Goods Store + Fixel Goods Store 2.4+13/3/18 Boogy, debugman18, mastercookie, teihoo and Kais https://bit.ly/2vzM03F, https://is.gd/dLw8QS
    tileg.pak - Tile Ground Effects 1.2 Storm_UK https://is.gd/XmRX3v

    chair.pak - Community Hairstyles Pack 1.5 Thundeki https://goo.gl/gLN8QH
    estorage.pak - Enhanced Storage 6.0.4 NeoVanAlemania https://bit.ly/1QQDB1k
    huntplus.pak - Hunting+ Wildfire 2.3.15 EclipticWulf https://bit.ly/2xaxZ0I
    imscene.pak - Immersive Scenery 3.2 amirmiked12 https://bit.ly/2Bzgv0F
    mtouch.pak - Manufacturer's Touch 1.2.16 Kitikira https://bit.ly/2cm8qQc
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