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S3r1ous Mods 125

Compatible with the latest version. Easy to use. Stable. Periodic Updates.

  1. Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans

    STARTER: (Only the essential additions and minimal gameplay changes)
    Persistent Farmables 1.03 by JTE
    Less Floaty Movement 1.02 by Shal
    Fixed Projectiles 29/1/14 by Shadow Wolf TJC
    Vanilla Recipe Fixes 2/2/2014 by RenegadeVeggie
    Unofficial Parallax Fix 1.0 by Createse
    Interface Overhaul 0.5.2 by Niran
    VitsotU by Dracyoshi
    Frackin Flora 2.5 by sayter
    Freaks of Nature 1.4 by Sartharis
    Ammo Overhaul (AMN) 4.1 Archery 101 by Wurmheart
    "Nudity" Overhaul 8.2 by Niran
    Starfoundry 1.1.1 by...
  2. Sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places

  3. Redacted Edition Up

    *readme's now in root mods folder
    Combustible Lemons 0.99 by gp2.exe
    More Mechs 1.0 by Onilink

    VitsotU by Dracyoshi
    Industrialization: Starbound Edition 0.7.2 RC8 by DraLUSAD (NOT INCLUDED, USE ALTERNATIVE ONE FROM TXT)
    Ammo Overhaul (AMN) 4.1 Archery 101 by Wurmheart
    Arcane Add On 1.11 by Seterwind
    Frackin Flora 2.4a by sayter
    Spacebound .8 by MoonOne
    Hemp Craft 1.2 by Gothboy77 (NOT INCLUDED, USE ALTERNATIVE ONE FROM TXT)
  4. For Now Use Alternative Means (scroll down on Overview and search txt)

    For now scroll down and get it from different site. I need to square away all these permissions to make sure were all on the same page guys.

    For now ive upload instructions ONLY. Strangely i cant update resource any more than once a day, so patience.
  5. Great

    These mod packs will always be under scrutiny, since the rules require some permissions from each and every author.

    I had to make some bold moves to keep it fresh and exciting. Forward thinking requires sacrifice.

    If ANYONE, has problems with permissions, contact me RIGHT NOW. I will make sure you all get credit.

    Also each and every author can request changes and contact me directly. I am online each and every day for all your concerns. If anyone wants to include something contact....
  6. Fixin

    Now packed with RAR.
    Uploaded on MEGA.

    What the hell why doesnt link change??? It still points to gamefront.... messing around with it....

    OK it doesnt seem to update to that link. I added it to Overview then.

  7. Test 1

    Testing the versioning system.

    OK, i dont know what happened there, now its called properly - v3 for Furious Koala

    Mr. Foxer's Fancy Headgear Pack 1.4.1 by Mr. Foxer
    Vanilla Recipe Fixes 2/2/2014 by RenegadeVeggie
    Unofficial Parallax Fix 1.0 by Createse

    Extended Songbook 1.0.4 by v6ooo
    VitsotU 2.2.0 by Dracyoshi
    Starfoundry 1.1.1 by Starfoundry
    Hemp Craft 1.1 by Gothboy77
    Frackin Flora 2.3 by sayter
    Arcane Add On 1.1 by Seterwind
    Better Gates 1.4.5 by Emilgardis
    Higher Hunting 1.2.2 by Tripod
    Placeables Overhaul 0.4 by Niran
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  9. Touch Up / New Mod Added: Better Merchants

    Better Merchants 0.5 by Mackinz

    Spacebound .70 by MoonOne
    Starbound Colonies 0.97.8 by severedskullz
    SmartPet 1.9.5 by XSpeedPL