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SafeFTL Glad Giraffe - Update 2

Nerfs FTL, teleportation, and light flicker for those with epilepsy or motionsickness.

  1. Geodeek
    Due to the fact that both other FTL effect nerfing mods (No Flash FTL and No FTL Flash) are outdated and appear abandoned, I have thrown together a quick Upbeat Giraffe compatible version. The mods this is based off of are available here and here.

    For those who aren't familiar with those mods, SafeFTL is a fairly simple mod that removes just about all of the FTL jump effects, teleportation effects, and light flicker for those who cannot/don't want to have them. The mod is split into two files, one for removing warp/teleport effects, and one for removing light flicker. All you need to do is install whatever combination you see fit.

    Version compatibility:
    Stable - Guaranteed
    Unstable - Most likely
    Nightly - Probably
    Beta packages for unstable and nightly are available in the repo!

    View mid-jump:

    SafeFTL is now on GitLab! If you want to see what makes the mod tick, contribute to its development, or just see some undercooked BASH spaghetti, feel free to take a look.

    Ideas or issues? Let me know! I'll make sure to take a look.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Reviews

  1. overtube
    Version: Glad Giraffe - Update 2
  2. InfiniteRemnant
    Version: Glad Giraffe - Update 2
    Downloaded this briefly to try it out. while i like it better visually with the effects, the game runs more smoothly without them. I probably won't keep this mod, but I can certainly see the benefit others might see in it. especially the ones who get headaches and whatnot. the vanilla game should honestly have this as an on/off switch in the options.
  3. Zetlin97
    Version: Glad Giraffe - Update 2
    Oh, thank you so much. This is a lifesaver.
  4. whitekitestrings
    Version: Pleased Giraffe - 1.5
    thank you sooo much for bringing this back! torch flickers have always given me migraines, especially when someone mods them to look different colors, i will be happy to see them go.
  5. PROBE687-
    Version: Spirited Giraffe - 1.3
    Hey, its also good for fixing fps/lag issues, works for me!
  6. redlace
    Version: Spirited Giraffe - 1.3
    Wonderful, lovely, awesome, amazing. Thank you! My eyes thank you! Such a great mod - FTL animation always made me feel sick, now it's no problem!
  7. Talyda
    Version: Upbeat Giraffe - Mod: 1.1
    This is awesome, thankyou so much! Totally gets rid of all the light effects during FTL which give me motion sickness! Thanks!
  8. angrboda_giantess
    Version: Upbeat Giraffe - Mod: 1.1
    Yessssssss. I am CONSTANTLY having to look away from the screen when the FTL sequence runs its course. I have really bad motion sickness and the whole thing is horrible for someone like me. Thank you so much for this, you're a saint!
  9. Ink Dragon
    Ink Dragon
    Version: Upbeat Giraffe - Mod: 1.1
    Thank you
  10. computerghost
    Version: Upbeat Giraffe
    Oh my god, thank you so much for this. The whole FTL animation effect thing makes me feel really sick most of the time.