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SafeFTL Glad Giraffe - Update 2

Nerfs FTL, teleportation, and light flicker for those with epilepsy or motionsickness.

  1. Quick fix for crashes during inter-system jumps.

    Somehow a pretty large bug, resulting in a CTD, managed to slip through testing! Thankfully Talyda pointed this out before it went unnoticed much longer:
  2. Glad Giraffe!

    Everything should be compatible with Glad Giraffe Update 2 now. Sorry this took as long as it did.

    The teleport cinematic hasn't been entirely removed - just toned down. Please let me know if it's too much.
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  3. 15-08-25 stable update!

    This update is only for the lights portion of the mod. Thankfully the cinematics are simple enough to stay relatively unchanged.
  4. We got gud with git!

    The SafeFTL mod and all scripts used to generate patches have been opensourced in their very own GitLab repo! If you want to see what makes the mod tick, contribute to the mod, or see some undercooked BASH spaghetti, feel free to check out the repo.

    There have also been a few changes to the SafeFTL-lights portion of the mod. They're not too huge, but are still available for anyone who wants the newest and shiniest version.
  5. Minor flicker update

    This is just a quick little update to safeFTL-lights that removes flicker from a few items added in the last update.
  6. A new stable!

    This is really just a version number update. The mod should be fully compatible with the latest stable.
  7. Teleportation Troubles

    I've updated the mod to greatly tone down the teleportation effects in both the unstable and nightly versions. It *should* be compatible with all three versions, but nightly may break at some point.

    If you experience any problems or have any ideas, feel free to let me know.
  8. Light flicker!

    I spent some time removing the flicker effects from all lights in the game (122 files!). Since some people may still want flickering lights, I have split the mod into two folders. safeFTL is the base and just removes warp effects while safeFTL-lights removes flickering lights. You should be able to install one, the other, or both.

    If you encounter any errors, please let me know! It isn't exactly easy to test 122 objects, and I may have missed something.