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Saner Volcanic Worlds 1.2.1

Procedurally generated Volcanic worlds not filled with flammable structures

  1. rl.starbound
    This mod alters volcanic world generation to be more sane. Dungeons and microdungeons composed largely of flammable materials will not spawn on volcanic worlds. Changes have been made to the remaining dungeons and microdungeons to remove flammable materials while maintaining overall design aesthetics. This mod does nothing to protect from meteor strikes, as the author considers those in a class apart from firestorms.

    This mod affects only newly visited star systems. It will not affect volcanic worlds already visited. (Due to how planetary generation occurs, you may have to delete your universe.chunks file to reset unvisited volcanic worlds around stars that you've seen in the nav screen.)

    The following dungeons will no longer spawn on volcanic worlds: Apex City Apartments, Avian Grounded Village, Avian Native Village, Avian Airship, Floran Canyon, Floran Treetop Village, Floran Hut Village, Glitch Village, Hylotl Ruined Castle, Hylotl Surface City, and Novakid Village. Spawn weights have been adjusted so that the remaining Glitch dungeons occur with the same frequency as in the vanilla game. Additionally, the Alpine, Bioluminescence, and Mushroom minor surface biomes (home of the Alpaca and Agaran villages) will no longer spawn on volcanic worlds. Frogg villages will also no longer be found on volcanic worlds, but uninhabited Swamp minor surface biomes may still spawn.

    In general, this mod makes no changes to worlds other than volcanic, with two minor exceptions. Apex Miniknog Base roofs have been completely encased in glass (including the background) in all environments to protect them from weather effects. On scorched worlds, the Bones minor surface biome receives the same update as it does on volcanic worlds.

    This mod uses a very low priority, so other mods that add things to the volcanic biome should apply cleanly on top of this mod.

    Important note: If you use this mod, and then later decide to remove it, you must delete your universe.chunks file from your universe folder. Failure to do so may cause world generation errors in subsequent play.

    Anyone is free to take this mod, unpack it, alter it, and redistribute it or derivatives of it, without asking me, provided credit is given. Also, if you distribute an altered version, please use a different name to avoid ambiguity.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.


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