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SD Starbound Tweaks 2.0.1 [Pleased Giraffe]

Powering up the near useless.

  1. Hey Twohanders!

    Here ya go ya two handers.

    Made the one handed matter manipulator it's own mod in the zip... now it's fully optional!
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  2. Name change and then some Update

    Whoo boy this was a big update...

    First off added in a new crafting table! craft-able at the basic crafting table for 4 iron how ever with the addition of this table a large number of recipes (all the throwing items other than snowballs) have been moved over to this table to cut down on crafting table clutter.

    Re-balanced the damage of throwing weapons (again) they were a lot more powerful than I expected <.<

    Edited damage values of Throwing Stars, Kunai, Needles and Darts as well as...
  3. Opsies

    my little +25% damage to hunting spears made them a little... too powerful making bows look silly (didn't think it would) and didn't test them along side starter equipment, and honestly once you have iron you shouldn't be using them anymore anyways... so I lopped off the change.

    Well off I go to play the game some more and see what else pops up.
  4. Throwing Weapons

    Well I finally started working on throwing weapons, now they are worth a spot on your hot bar.

    You now get more items out of the iron throwing weapon crafting.

    Upped the base damage of the hunting spear by 25%

    Upped the damage on the iron made throwing spear 25% more than the new hunting spear was by default actually weaker than the hunting spear (that's made out of wood and stone) for some reason.

    Based the damage of the throwing axe and throwing dagger upon that of the new throwing...
  5. Watering Your Way to Victory

    Modified the watering can... I've never had to in all my farming days (not many days but still) ever had to wait between sways of a watering can to water crops.

    Well that's been fixed, the speed has been doubled at witch the watering can well waters and removed the slight delay on usage, now you can just run around your farm sprinkling water over all your crops with out annoyance when you miss that one dry spot.