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Outdated Shadow-Casting Lights (Discontinued!) 2/18/2015

Now every object that generates light casts shadows!

  1. Discontinued!

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    I've started to get back into Starbound, although I haven't decided to update my old mods yet. Rather, I'd prefer to leave it to others to build upon my work, since my motivation for posting mods, aside from personal preferences, was to hopefully inspire other people to develop some kickass mods of their own.

    Anyways, as I was looking at whether or not some of my old mods were still compatable, I noticed that the old Shadow-Casting Lights mod was now broken. Specifically, it was causing all...
  2. Wave 2 of supported mods has arrived!

    Shadow Wolf TJC
  3. Now branching out into providing patches to other mods!

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    I've begun branching this mod out into providing shadow-casting lighting effects to other mods, starting with Boogy's Pixel Goods Store mod. All mod-specific patches will be placed in an extras folder that's now being bundled with the main mod.
  4. Quick hotfix for missing alarm.

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    Yeah... seems as if the alarm object uses a .lua script to determine what kind of lighting it uses. Pretty nifty if you ask me (in fact, I'd like to see this expanded upon, like, for example, rainbow-colored club lights), but it left me confused as to whether or not to add it in, since no light values were defined in the object file. (I'm now guessing that .object files assign a default value of [0, 0, 0] for the "lightColor" variable.)
  5. Upbeat Flicker

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    After about 2 days of work converting to the new patching system, this mod has been updated for Upbeat Giraffe. Enjoy! :)
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  6. Small update.

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    Just adding in the new lights from the recently-added Heck minibiome.
  7. Enraged Ember

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    This mod was updated for Enraged Koala. The Heart Forge was added.
  8. Furious Flicker Update

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    This mod has been updated for Furious Koala, though I haven't yet checked if any new light-casting objects were added with the new update. If there's something that I've missed, please let me know, OK?
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