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Shadow Wolf TJC's Wired Pack 3/7/17

More wiring options for players and (dungeon) modders alike!

  1. Shadow Wolf TJC
    Tired of wiring up numerous logic gates and switches just to accomplish a small task? Well, this mod has you covered somewhat, by providing additional logic gates and switches that can be crafted from the Wiring Station, including:

    - Different varieties of AND, OR, and XOR Gates, some of which have 3 inputs, while others may have a built-in Data Latch and/or Not Gate.
    - A Master Logic Gate that combines an AND, OR, XOR, NAND, NOR, and NXOR Gate, with an optional Data Latch also built-in!
    - Relays (basically an inverted Not Gate that merely replaces the Or Gates as a relay).
    - An emitter that, like an unconnected Not Gate, acts as an always-on output device, only more compact.
    - A broken emitter that does the same thing, only that it's always offline. (Perhaps this can be used to keep doors, lights, and switches sealed?)
    - A timer with an extremely short rate.
    - A wider variety of Delay Gates.
    - A variety of pulse transmitters, that send out a pulse with a variable duration whenever their input node goes live, then turn off until their input node goes live again.
    - A variety of inverted pulse transmitters that stay live until their input node goes live, which will then temporarily disable the inverted pulse transmitter's output node for a variable amount of time, and then reactivate its output node until its input node goes live once more.
    - A Countdown Delay Timer, which will only activate once its input stays live for at least a designated period of time (kind of like a normal Countdown Timer in reverse).
    - More compact versions of various logic gates, for when you need to conserve space.
    - A more advanced light sensor with multiple outputs that trigger depending on what ambient light thresholds are exceeded. Can be easily-modded to have more or less outputs and light levels to check.
    - A more advanced liquid sensor with multiple output nodes that will individually activate depending on what it senses. Can be easily-modded to have more or less outputs and liquids to discriminate between.
    - A wider variety of Wall Switches! Some of them combine the functionalities of a Small Wall Switch, a Persistent Switch, a Not Gate, and/or a Data Latch in a single package that may or may not be interactive!
    - Binary Sequencers that, through their inputs, can cycle between various states, either forwards or backwards, and turn on one of their many output nodes based upon which state they're currently in. Some sequencers also allow players to switch to any given state directly through additional inputs. (And yes,most of them also have an optional Data Latch built in.)
    - An additional input for containers in vanilla Starbound, which allows them to be made non-interactable (effectively serving as an electrical lock of sorts).

    Hopefully, with these additional logic gates and switches, your wiring mechanisms can be made even simpler and smaller. Dungeoneers that rely heavily on complex wiring should find this mod especially useful.

    Future plans:
    - Adding advanced switch functionality to the various in-game switches!
    - More wiring options for doors and lights (such as the addition of built-in Not Gates and Data Latch functionality, along with a basic output device for lights to essentially turn them into switches)!
    - Containers that can react to items being placed inside of, or removed from, them, usually items in general, but possibly also more specific items like, say, a key-card.

    Caution: Since at least one of these mods adds additional inputs and/or outputs to existing objects in vanilla Starbound (such as containers), caution must be exercised prior to installing this mod, especially if you have objects with wire nodes that lie outside of their sprites (such as light sensors).

    Warning: Un-loading any of these mods (even for a different version) may result in breaking wires, so be sure to backup your world and ship files before uninstalling! The mod author cannot take responsibility for game crashes that happen due to wiring errors!

    Disclaimer: This mod may be freely used in mod compilations, or its assets altered or redistributed, provided that those doing so notify me, and credit me.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. artguk
    Version: 3/7/17
    Stunning modification. My logic circuits have become more logical. Thank you!
  2. leon26leon26
    Version: 5/29/16A
    I was excited to use this, unfortunately It broke my not gates, and newly placed ones didn't work either.
    I hope you can fix this problem.
    1. Shadow Wolf TJC
      Author's Response
      Very late reply, but so much has changed since you posted that review (which, imo, should've belonged to the discussion page). While I can't remember what changes were made, in its current form, the Wired Pack should no longer cause existing wired items, including logic gates, to break.