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Shard Race 0.9

Adds a playable race of sentient crystalline beings.

  1. Umbra420
    My first mod. A race of crystalline beings.

    Currently this mod includes:

    1. Of course, the shard race, with their custom hair and spriting and everything.
    2. Custom pet.
    3. Custom racial furniture.
    4. Custom merchant to get said furniture stuffs.
    5. A custom weapon to help your start a little bit, slightly better than the broken sword but you'll have that anyway if you prefer it. T1 and up crafted weapons are still better though.
    6. Custom respawn animation.
    7. Custom AI.
    8. Custom armour.

    Currently this mod does not include a custom ship and currently uses placeholder ship tiers(the apex ship provided in the template mod). I would rather not send people through the experience of what was my first attempt at spriting a ship, it was nowhere near an acceptable level of quality so it wasn't included. I will try to include proper ship spriting in a possible future version, but if that never happens I would not be against the community adding in their own renditions.

    1. Weapons for each tier.
    2. Custom ship object sprites(teleporter, captain's chair, etc).
    3. Custom ship.

    That red thing is the pet, more animated in-game.

    Blue pet here. Purple thing in the corner is the "merchant", crafted with a hundred crystal blocks at an inventors table. It is blue now, but forgot to take updated screenshots.

    A race of crystalline beings, calling themselves shards, have been spotted roaming the universe in search of something. When asked about what they're looking for they simply reply with "reunion" and little else, whatever it is they're looking for it seems to have to do with how they originated. What little is known about their origin is shrouded in mystery, destruction, and separation, as all shards occasionally collectively have visions of a gigantic crystalline comet being hit by a fast-moving bright projectile and splitting apart into millions of pieces.

    Further investigation revealed that it is only after the impact point that the vivid visions change into different points of view of the same aftermath, jagged minerals flying everywhere as the bulk of the comet veers off its original course into the void of starry space and leaves shards of itself behind. It is believed that these visions are memories, and that the comet itself was as sentient as the shards themselves, peacefully observing the universe until its tragic impact with the unidentified projectile. The pieces that were left behind, now separate from the whole, formed their own consciousness and drifted through space alone until they entered the atmosphere of a mostly barren planet.

    After impacting with the sandy earth they were buried by countless dust storms and stayed there for many millennia, contemplating why they were now alone. Two sensed each other close-by and in an act of desperation to finally interact with another being a surge of energy seeped from their crystalline forms into the stone and reformed the hard earth into bodies they could use to move, it was merely a hand reach away before these two made contact. All shards generate this strange energy, and it is believed that it is what animates and gives them life.

    They stayed together and searched the planet for more of their kind, eventually finding all that were lost and taught them how to shape and move the stone into bodies of their own. They also found crystals that did not respond, calling them inactive shards, although it is now known that what was found was simply normal mineral deposits. At some point they learned how to make more of their kind, by having two or more shards discharge a portion of their energies into normal minerals they animate the minerals and make another shard.

    Although all those made like this are not part of the original comet, they still have some form of connection to it as is evident by the visions and the fact that a sense of longing to reunite with it persists no matter how many generations apart they are. They also generate the same energies that the originals do, enabling them to do most of what the originals can as well.

    - Open the archive and copy the folder in there to your mods folder.
    - Remove it from the mods folder if you want to uninstall.

    Remove old folder in mods and replace with new one.

    I used DrPvtSkittles's advanced race template in order to make this, here's a link if anyone's interested:
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. shardmale.png

Recent Updates

  1. Version 0.9 update