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Shattered Alchemy! v8.5.5h

Potions, Elixirs, Brews, and more!

  1. Alchemist's Toolkit!

    -=- New Items! -=-
    • Alchemist's Toolkit! Find the blueprints in random chests to create, at an inventor's table, this portable alchemy pot!
    • Alchemize! A new item which allows you to use alchemy anywhere!
    • A new guidebook page which reveals how to create Alchemize!

    -=- Loot Pool Adjustments! -=-
    • Added the blueprints for the Alchemist's Toolkit to chests. It doesn't spawn much on low-level planets.
    • Added Alchemize and Featherfall to common chests!
    • Adjusted the food loot pool

    -=- Bug fixes! -=-
    • Items which are not used in the recipe will not be consumed when crafting an item via alchemy.
    (ie; Making a catalyst with a Seed, a Potion, and some random item that isn't used in alchemy, such as a sword, will no longer consume the sword when crafting the catalyst.)
    • Blindfruit is now craftable

    -=- Misc! -=-
    • Removed the transparent backdrop from the header and footer of a tooltip
    • Changed the tooltips of:
    Frozen Carpaccio
    Seed of Dreamfoil

    • Changed the rarities of:
    Mystery Meat
    Chargrilled Meat
    Frozen Carpaccio
    Stewed Meat
    Small Food Ration
    Meat Pie

    • Slightly changed the descriptions of:
    Frozen Carpaccio
    Seed of Dreamfoil
    Potion of Adrenaline Surge
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