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Shellguard: Mod inspired by Jak & Daxter 1

Weapons, locations and robotics manufacturing.

  1. Travelling Merchant

    Designed by Travelling Merchant, inspired by Jak & Daxter.
    I currently update this mod more on steam then here as I'm updating constantly. I even plan to add dungeons soon. If you like the mod, please do share it with friends!
    The Shellguard weapon manufacturing organisation brings many brand new firearms to this section of space, for any race to use!


    Shellguard weapons use high calibre kinetic rounds that constantly emit a field of intense heat that burns up the air as they fly. This creates an intimidating tracer, as well as causes anything it hits to burn or melt. The Shellguard hybrid rounds were designed to be effective against robots, turning their circuits to molten slag! Though this also means they have the added benefit of being able to blast through light terrain materials.

    Here's an example at just SOME of the weapons on offer: [​IMG]

    Why not browse our catalogue? Shellguard weapons are available to purchase from any anvil or above!

    SG Training Rifle:
    Cheap, massed produced version of the Shellguard rifle intended for training purposes. It's much less powerful than the standard rifle, but it has it's uses! Price: 3000 pixels.

    SG Rifle: High powered rifle used by Shellguard knights. Trusty, hard wearing and packs a punch. Alt fire vents the heat from the round while it's still in the chamber, causing the air to ignite around you.

    SG Artillery Launcher: Powerful explosive launcher that fires in an arc. Alternate fire is a shrapnel bomb.

    SG Grenade Launcher: This beautiful weapon fires tiny proximity mines that are guaranteed to last a lot longer than any other weapon out there! Standard proximity mines never last too long to be useful, so the shellguard mines can actually be used tactically!

    SG Pistol: The shellguard pistol is a staple of self defence. It fires reasonably slowly, but hits hard. It's a single handed weapon that any gunslinger will love.

    SG SMG: This little beast has a terrifying snarl. They fire very, very fast. These SMG's are a favourite among Shellguard drone crews as they can be used with one hand.

    SG Light & Heavy Hatchets. These hatchets are common tools among Shellguard knights. Useful for all sorts! Especially for caving in skulls! Designed for speed, with the windup being significantly faster than any other axe.

    SG Shield: This heavy ballistic shield keeps you safe from harm. It's basically a mobile barricade. It folds away for easy transport when not guarding. When you guard, it's side protections flare out, giving you extra cover!

    SG Hammer: Big, mean and very heavy. Originally designed for breaking energy shields during combat, this high powered impact hammer is a handy tool in a fight.

    SG Shotgun: The shotgun fires a wide blast of hybrid bullets, fully automatic and fast shooting.

    SG Taser Rifle: The Taser Rifle fires a burst of electricity where you aim. Originally made for frying robots circuits, the Taser Rifle does incredibly high damage, but at the cost of massive energy usage. The more energy you have, the longer the range.

    SG Spear: The iconic Shellguard Spear is a powerful tool. The cross bar lets the user attack with incredible force. It can also be charged up for a heavy eletrical hit, designed to overload robots and energy shields while causing heavy impact damage.

    NEW: SG Needle Laser: The needle laser fires three hybrid round needles per shot, with a moderate energy usage. These needles home in on the closest living creature. How smart is that?

    NEW: SG Minigun: This minigun fires hybrid rounds very, very, very fast. Dakka Dakka.

    Next up are the Shellguard Robotics Divisions brand new battle robots! Buy the calling devices from any anvil and fire. Where the disposable capture pod lands, a brand new machine will appear!

    Shellguard Drone Caller: This calls down our fantastic little drones. They move faster than you and can be used for scouting, or as disposable backup during a fight. They come equipped with two blasters firing SG Pistol rounds. They have good firepower, but watch out, even the smallest damage will knock a drone out of the sky!

    Shellguard Tank Caller: The Shellguard security tanks are large, slow moving robots. They come equipped with four shellgaurd rifles and can take a beating! Designed for power and reliability in the battlefield. Use one of the disposable tank caller rifles in the middle of a fight for heavy fire support. The tank will continue to patrol the general area keeping any nasty creatures (or people) away from you! Each disposable tank costs 1500 pixels.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Do not include this mod in compilations.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


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Recent Reviews

  1. DemonicWeed
    Version: 1
    The mod looks very good, but I require a non-Steam download link, so please, upload it to a file share website if you can.
  2. Multistream
    Version: 1
    Need more balance, crafting from any anvil is not good
  3. Pensive_WolF
    Version: 1
    looks cool, I loved Jak & Daxter