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Outdated Ship Yard 1.0.1 (Tiny Bug Fix)

Block-based space station with docked regular ships.

  1. Tiny Bug Fixx

    I made a very small mistake when editing the Tier 3 block diagram.

    I also failed to bump the internal version number.

    Both are now fixed in this version.
  2. Ship Yard Now Implemented for All Races!

    I am very happy to report that characters of every non-modded Starbound race can now have their own ship yard!

    Aside from this, there are a number of other changes:
    • Moved the Ship Yard's bridge into one of the hallways to make more room for building.
    • Fixed an exterior door that was breaking on upgrade to Tier 4.
    • Fixed a 1 block shift in the entire Novakid ship on Tier 7.
      • This one really ticked me off, because I found it after I set this mod up for all races and had...
  3. Teleporters on Every Docked Ship

    I've placed a remote teleporter in each of the ships docked in the Ship Yard that you can then discover and name.

    I also realized that each remote teleporter is actually somewhat associated with a particular race. I noticed this with some of them pretty early on.

    I didn't realize the Executive Teleporter was a Hylotl item until I worked out which ship it was supposed to go in (by process of elimination). Once I saw it in place it all made perfect sense.

    I had a similar epiphany with the...
  4. Dang Dirty Apex

    Well, it's been a busy day. The last docking bay now has an Apex ship in it.

    Incidentally, I would NOT suggest making Planet of the Apes movie references around the Apex crew.

    I've already been shot twice and their captain seems to be searching the Ship Yard for me, deck by deck, with lots of armed Apex.

    Jeez. People just don't like jokes around here.
  5. Awesome Avian

    I looked out a window and saw a cool space pyramid.

    I hailed it and asked if they wanted to dock and trade. They said yes and docked.

    I was slightly disappointed that it was full of bird people instead of Jaffa. On the other hand, if it had been Jaffa I would be in big trouble about now.

    Now I just have to add the Apex ship and every docking bay will be occupied.
  6. Floran Fiesta

    The Ship Yard recently got hailed by a Floran ship. They claimed their ship was damaged and they needed to dock in order to make repairs.

    Within moments of the air lock opening, we were assaulted by a bunch of psychotic plant people, fully intent on eating us!

    What. The. Heck?

    Oh well, three hours have passed and the Florans are all dead.

    Plus, bonus! New ship! And no surprise, it's completely functional.

    Reminds me of that "Floran Party" I once got invited to. Ugh.
  7. Fixed Booster Fix

    I did some testing and discovered a visual anomaly with the small booster that goes on the underside of a ship. There was one pixel of empty space between the surface and the booster itself.

    So, I switch which booster was appearing in the ship locker and adjusted the new one the way I did the old one.

    Everything should now work as intended.
  8. Booster Fix + Printable 3D Printer

    I've made a few small patches to the booster items in the initial treasure for the ship locker.

    An astute observer will have noticed that past versions of this mod included 3 Perfectly Generic Items in the locker. This was not intentional.

    The treasure pool file responsible for this was among those borrowed from the Super Magic Custom Island. They were supposed to be booster objects. Essentially, place-able engine flames.

    Unfortunately, Spirited Giraffe marked these mod-useful items...
  9. Novakidding

    Well, we just rustled up a Nokakid ship and parked it in the bottom docking bay of the Ship Yard.

    And the captain has no sense of humor. At all. Which is why he's pointing a gun in my face for making a single, completely innocent joke. About gas bags and farts.

    Oh. Perhaps he has a sense of humor after all. A little flag popped out that says, 'BANG!'.

    I've just got to add the Apex, Avian and Floran ships now to have the complete collection.
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  10. Air Locked

    I've just added a series of exterior doors to the Ship Yard at regular intervals. This should make building around it easier.

    Just don't fall out!