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Simple Extended Character Creation Mod: Now, even easier! 1.3.3

Just a clean looking modification to the character creation screen, for custom races.

  1. Hey cool an update

    Xander Kau
    wowee its been 2 years
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  2. It worked!

    Xander Kau
    New update!! it should work!
  3. Why won't this let me upload?

    Xander Kau
    Why won't this let me upload a new version
  4. not so quick

    Xander Kau
    Sorry bout the not so quick update. Looking in to new possibilities though, so stay tuned.
  5. 21 Furious Slots

    Xander Kau
    Ok everyone, this should work for the new update. I updated the mod to include 21 slots now, which should appease the furious amounts of species mods. Thanks for not being to furious at my slow response time.

    WARNING: This, as of now, is not packaged with the Elven mod. Waiting for a message from creator about an update, then I will include within.

    Thank you everyone who has downloaded and voted. Almost to number 1 most downloaded! You guys are killer.
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  6. Fixed Zip?

    Xander Kau
    Only worry about re downloading if you are having troubles with the previous zip file. File is slightly larger, but It might be fixed for everyone. Happy holidays guys!
  7. Sorry bout all the updates. New version

    Xander Kau
    Hey everyone, Sorry bout the constant updates. This one has all the fixes for the elf mod that increase compatibility with other races. For another confirmed fully compatible, check out Espilonarge's Kangaru mod. Been working closely with him to get fixes out.
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  8. Even Angrier now!

    Xander Kau
    Aww! Look at all this new info! Got rid of a TON of unneeded code, and made the process easier for EVERYONE involved. Look for my pastebin on the main info page or this mod for some more information, crucial especially for modders. Thanks everyone!

    I will work on even more buttons soon, because with the simplified merging, people can easily add new races with 2-3 clicks. That will come soon, and will come with any fixes that need to be addressed, though I do not see any now.
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  9. Is this Angry enough for you?

    Xander Kau
    Version changed for clarification. Does it work?
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  10. V. Angry Koala. Merging, made easy!

    Xander Kau
    Hey everyone! First things first, if you have a species mod you would like me to add to my pack send me a message, that is the best way to get a hold of me. I can do all the merging myself if you do not know how, then i can upload and you will be able to take it and post it yourself.

    Next, This should work simply by extracting the files to your mods folder. If not, please let me know.
    Merging races seems like a breeze now, and If you want to make it compatible with my mod, all you need to...