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Size of Life - Framework 1.91

Change the size of NPCs, monsters and yourself!

  1. Collisions, techs and crouching

    -Fixed vanilla techs, report techs to fix them
    -Fixed crouching collision. (If you are too big and get stuck under the ground, keep jumping and crouching)
    -"Fermion Resizer" now removes the effect from monsters and unsupported NPCs (fixes pets being tiny).
    -Fixed crouching hitbox and jankiness.
    -Added a way to disable the players collision polygon, setting the stat "bodysize" to negative or 0. Store and reset the value once it's done to resume functionality. (useful for techs or effects that may want to alter it's collision, or just set the "bodysize" value you want)
    -Added "Dodge Roll" tech from "Star Forge" support.
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