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Skelekin Race 2.3

Play as a skeleton!

  1. So Horny!

    7 new horn styles.
    1 by me
    6 by Nebulox (polished by me :p)
  2. New outfits!

    Trimmed the base sprites in places. Only minute changes that showed up using the papyrus armour.
    Spruced up the Scorpion chest sprites.
    Added Papyrus and Sans outfits - crafted at the spinningwheel.
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  3. New Sword - by Nebulox

    Crafted at Tier 3 anvil

  4. Optimised pngs with PNG Gauntlet

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  5. Skeletor and Scorpion outfits!

    Skeletor Outfit - crafted at spinning wheel
    Skeletor Shortsword Tier 6 crafted at Tier 3 anvil
    Skeletor Staff Tier 6 crafted at Tier 3 anvil
    Skelekin Tail crafted at spinning wheel
    MK1 Scorpion outfit crafted at spinning wheel. Comes in colours picked specifically for Scorpion, Sub Zero, Reptile, Smoke, Rain, Ermac and Noob...
  6. 1 outfit and 2 banners

    Added death outfit for Skelekin, crafted at spinning wheel.
    Added banners, 1 large and 1 small, available at merchant.



    1. reapernbanner.png
  7. Mech body n Sunnies

    Fixed grammar error in codex
    3 new headgear, sunglasses available at merchant
    Starter mech body


    1. mechbodyskelekin.png
  8. Updated S.A.I.L.

    Should be a very familiar face :p
  9. 1.3 Compatible Thanks to Chofranc!

    Changed this line:
    "interactAction" : "openCockpitInterface"
    "interactAction" : "ScriptPane",
    "interactData" : "/interface/cockpit/cockpit.config",

    Added the deploy pod cinematic files
  10. Busted recipes

    Comma where a comma shouldn't be.