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Skittles Template Race Mod 3.0.4

Do you want to create your own race mod, but you don't know where to start? This is the mod for you!

  1. Removed protectorateship.animation

    From objects\protectorate\objects\protectorateship.animation
    Not needed. Probably should be removed from race mods that do have it.
  2. Removed some files

    Removed boosterflame.animation and boosterflame.lua

    They were removed the advanced template a long time ago but I forgot to remove them from basic.
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  3. Fixed the treasurepools.patch file

    Removed the items that are found in the starter treasure, and replaced it with the line

    {"pool" : "starterTreasure"},

    This allows for other mods to tweak the vanilla starter treasure, and have it apply to the custom race.

    I am sorry for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall of the race mods that have my error in them >_>
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  4. Like a bat outta hell.

    Chucklefish doesn't like bat files I've just learned. Ooops!

    BUT txt files are fine.

    So the bat file is now a txt file... however...

    To turn the BASIC_RACE_TEMPLATE_EASY_SETUP.txt into a bat file open it up in your word editor, go Save As, then Save As Type, change that to All Files. Then change the name to BASIC_RACE_TEMPLATE_EASY_SETUP.bat


    Now double click to run it.
  5. Bigboosterflame

    I can't spell
  6. fixed some things

    Removed cottonwool and duration timer from recipes

    Fixed bigboosterflames name. Unfortunately this meant it wasn't renamed with the .bat file.
  7. Fixed the .bat file

    So this has been a problem for a while, and I feel a little silly I didn't realize this sooner. Thanks to PWRBTTN, for pointing out that in the file was written 'recipes' instead of 'recipe'. It now works perfectly!
  8. Steam Tag

    Now includes the "Species" tag in the metadata file (steam only).
  9. 1.3 Compatible Thanks to Chofranc!

    Changed this line:
    "interactAction" : "openCockpitInterface"
    "interactAction" : "ScriptPane",
    "interactData" : "/interface/cockpit/cockpit.config",

    Added the deploy pod cinematic files
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  10. Small quality of life changes.

    Made flag white.
    Added warning to .bat file as a reminder to change recipes and ship boosters manually.
    Changed interface icon names to be unique.