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Sleeker Glitch Chassis v2.1.7

More futuristic robot, less walking garbage bin!

  1. 1.3.x Compatibility for Standalone

    • Added the mech deploy cinematic to Standalone.
    • Nothing new for Replacer.
    As always please report and bugs/issues in the thread.
  2. Something something Phonebeeps

    Forgot to change sleek.species to point at the new .ogg files instead of the old .wav ones. So standalone Glitches won't be mute anymore...

    Nothing new for replacer.

    See you in three months when something else is broken with standalone kappa.
  3. V2.1.6 - No witty tagline edition

    • Fixed standalone's respawn cinematic.
    • Added Metadata files.
    • Probably broke something.
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  4. V2.1.5 - Another standalone update...

    • Fixed armor and weapons not showing up in anvils.
    • Ship should now show up in the intro cinematic maybe.
    • Suit graphic should be present in the tech upgrade station.
    • Improved the structure of some files, should have no visible changes in-game.
    • Gave up any hope of remembering metadata files.
    • Probably broke something.
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  5. V2.1.4 - Standalone will the the death of me version.

    V2.1.4 changes:
    • Teleporting and AI work on Standalone (for real this time probably).
    • Added Human and Apex starter clothes to standalone character creation.
    • Forgot about metadata files for the third time.
    • Probably broke something.

    Apparently the properly functioning version of Standalone I had just decided to vanish into the aether like a sloth making slow choined ice cream so the last 2-3 versions of standalone have been broken...
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  6. V2.1.3 - Pls stop going down Starbound Forums Edition.

    • Modified the Emotes for the modded head slightly (affects Replacer Mod Head Addon and Standalone Version).
    • Probably broke something.
    • Forgot to add metadata files again.
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  7. v2.1.2 - Standalone update again don't judge me.

    • Standalone now has the proper AI
    • Probably broke something.
  8. v2.1.1 - Standalone Fix [Replacer Unchanged]

    • The Standalone version can now beam down without crashing.
    • Probably broke something.
  9. Re-ordering and 1.0 Head Mods Update.

    • The Vanilla Head Version no longer exists.
    • The Modded Head has been split from the Replacer Base and is now an optional file.
    • The new 1.0 Head Mods have been adjusted for the Modded Head Version,
    • The new 1.0 Head Mods have been added to the Standalone version.
    • Probably Broke Something.
  10. Updated for Launch! Version 2.0 Change Log!

    • All files now use the ".pak" format.
    • Body sprites have been tweaked.
    • The Vanilla Head Version has been changed to an optional file for the replacer version.
    • The Standalone Version will now work with Starbound Version 1.0.
    • Probably broke something.

    Possible bug:
    The player's ship does not show up during the intro mission when using the Standalone Version.
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