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[SMAPI 0.40.0+] Dynamic Machines 1.1.1

Allows the user to change recipes and machine outputs for vanilla and mod machines

  1. Ryuuze
    Stardewvalleymods.net post here
    nexusmods post here

    Quick heads up for everyone: this is the only mod i will ever share outside of the Nexus, and the amount of mods i make that i will share is also low; reasoning being modthievery, and the lack of action to stop it. So if you see my mod anywhere else than here or any of the linked pages in the top (the nexus and stardewvalleymods) then it's stolen, and i beseech ye, give them hell.

    Through the config of this mod, you can change the recipe and the output for any machine in the game, including custom ones added by other mods, the setup is simple, look below (the included config should have default recipes, so you have to change them yourself if you want that)
       "Preserves Jar": {
         "output": [
         "recipe": {
           "388": 50,
           "390": 40,
           "382": 8
    • it's min-max, 1st value is minimum, 2nd value is maximum
    • if you want a static value, simply set the 2nd value to 0
    • if you don't want to change a machines output at all, set both min and max to 0 (setting just min to 0 should suffice, but better safe than sorry)
    • it's "id":value, check the id list generated by the mod, it includes custom ids for any mods you have installed.
    • you can add and remove items as you want, if you want 7 different mats, then simply add them, just look at the pre-defined ones for help.
    • Added in 1.1: if you keep the recipe empty, the mod will skip altering the recipe, so it will be the default recipe
    When adding new machines to the config: it's case sensitive, so it's pretty important you get the right cases.. and spelling for that matter.

    added in 1.1: crabPotGlobal: set this to true if you want to alter output amounts for crab pots located outside of your farm. (it increases the workload a little bit, but it shouldn't be noticable, but i recommend keeping it as false unless you actually have crabpots outside of your farm that you want to alter)

    Installation: (a config is included, but if you delete it, an almost empty one will be generated)
    Simply put the DynamicMachines folder into the mod folder and start the SMAPI launcher, then config and idlist will be generated. You all know how to open json files... (just in case, i recommend notepad++ :p)

    **WARNING**: Do not change the folder name, as the idlist will generate a new folder called DynamicMachines to put the ItemIDs.json into then.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

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