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[SMAPI] Adjust Artisan Prices 0.01

Customise the final prices of Artisan Goods

  1. ThatNorthernMonkey
    Adjust Artisan Prices

    Just filling a little mod request from the forums. Using this mod you can adjust the final prices of all of the default Artisan Goods in the game. The argument for requesting this mod is that the prices are too unbalanced / overpowered - but you can go either way (decrease *or* increase in price).

    Disclaimer: Always back up your save! An this mod needs some testing, there will probably be bugs to iron out :)

    SMAPI 0.39.2
    Mod Files Attached

    How To Use
    On first run a config.json file will be created in the same folder as the mods dll. Edit the config file values to adjust the prices as you see fit.

    Please Note

    The values of the Wine, Juice, Pickles and Jelly are price increases based on the item you put in. E.g.,

    Cranberries Jelly
    Cranberries, Price: 130

    Default algorithm for jelly is:

    Cranberries Jelly Price = (Cranberries Price + 50) * 2 = 360

    So when you alter the value in the config, the new algorithm is simply:

    Cranberries Jelly Price = Cranberries Price * Config.JellyIncrease


    The other Artisan Goods will be a decrease if you want to lower the price. Algorithm is simply:

    Cheese Price * Config.CheeseIncrease
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. Ankou
    Version: 0.01
    Does what is says and does it well. Been playing with it for a couple seasons now and haven't encountered any bugs.
    1. ThatNorthernMonkey
      Author's Response
      If you want any other prices or anything exposed, let me know :)