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[SMAPI] Children Like Parent 1.2.0

Changes your children to look like your spouse without you having to do anything.

  1. Croí Dorcha
    Children Like Parent
    Children Like Parent ads SMAPI support for all the children skins you can find. The download includes some of the child textures from Babies Take After Spouse by lakoria, they are awesome and probably the cutest out there. You should check the original mod to see alternative variants of the files I include.

    This is how this works:
    -In the "Mods" folder, inside "ChildrenLikeParent" there is a folder named "assets", inside you will find folders with the names of each bachelor and bachelorette (and a Default one). And inside each of this folders are the .xnb files for the baby and toddlers the game will use if that character is the parent. You can change those files to the ones you want to use without a problem.
    -In the mod folder, you will find a config file (if not, start the game with the mod instaled) with the option "adoptionIsRandom = true". This means that children from gay marriages since are adopted, will have a random appearance and not that of your spouse (and both children can have different appearances!). If you want your children to look like your spouse even being adopted, change this to false.
    -This mod stores the information about the parent of every child. If you install the mod BEFORE having children and you have children from different marriages, each child will look different.
    -At the moment of the installation, the children you already have will be assigned as son/daughter of your current spouse. If you are divorced the children will be treated like adopted (if you have deactivated the random adoption the parent will be "Default").

    How to install:
    -If you don't have it already, install the latest version of SMAPI.
    -Unzip "ChildrenLikeParent 0.X.X" inside your "mods" folder.
    -Run the game using SMAPI

    -Delete de "ChildrenLikeParent" folder from your mods folder.

    -Any xnb mod that edits babies and toddlers, this mod will override it.

    Where to obtain more children textures (Nexus links):
    -Babies Take After Spouse
    -Toddlers take after parents
    -Babies like parents
    -Toddlers like parents
    -Alternate toddlers

    NOTE: You can leave empty any folder or stage (not adding baby_dark, for example) and it will show the vanilla one.

    Link to the mod in Nexus

    Check out the rest of my work.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

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