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[SMAPI] Extended Minecart 1.8.1

Minecarts on your farm and in the desert!

  1. Fixing & Warning

    This fixes the night market not being treated like other festivals (Because it technically is not one >_<)

    I also added a warning for people who insist on using this in MP, that they are doing so at their *own* risk, as this mod has NOT been verified as MP compatible in any way.
  2. Support for returning to title

    This adds support for returning to the title screen.

    Please keep in mind that the way SDV handles returning to the title screen is wonky, and I cannot guarantee that all mods (Even this one) will be able to deal with it properly.
  3. Bug fixes!

    Fixes issues in my mod build process that broke most of my mods.
  4. EF 2.0 compatibility update

    Just a rebuild for EF 2.0 compatibility - functionality is unchanged.
  5. Attempting to fix fixes

    This should remove any null pointer issues in the previous build.
  6. Experimental fix

    This is a experimental fix for the minecart menu popping up when it should not, as I am unable to reproduce the issue myself I will just have to hope this fixes it.
  7. Bugfix/Feature combo!

    Due to a behavior of minecarts, traveling to a festival location doesnt trigger the festival.
    This vanilla bug becomes very obvious thanks to this mod.
    The 1.6.3 version checks if a certain location is a festival location that day, and prevents travel to that location by minecart if that is the case.
  8. Trying to fix stuffs!

    This should fix the bug where the minecart menu is not behaving as it should.
  9. Update to SMAPI 1.9

    This version adds SMAPI 1.9 compatibility, thanks @Pathoschild for taking the time to update it for me.
  10. Custom farm destination!

    This version adds 2 new config properties called `UseCustomFarmDestination` and `CustomFarmDestinationPoint`

    If `UseCustomFarmDestination` is set to true, then no tile edits will be applied to the farm, and the user is instead teleported to the x,y position given in `CustomFarmDestinationPoint`

    This feature is to support farm maps that do not fit either the default or alternative minecart placement.

    If your custom farm map doesnt match either but also does not supply its own minecart,...
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