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[SMAPI] GreenHut 3.0.0

Junimos harvesting your Greenhouse!

  1. Latest version working

    Croí Dorcha
    Updated to work as of 2023
  2. 1.0.0 - Balanced Mode

    Croí Dorcha
    • Version 1.0.0
      • Added balanced mode
      • Fixed some minor bugs
      • Added the Junimo Shrine to the wizard's shop
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  3. 0.6.0 - Custom Greenhuse compatibility

    Croí Dorcha
    • Version 0.6.0
      • Added config file
      • Added instructions to configure the mod for a custom greenhouse
      • Fixed some possible file errors
      • Adjusted working radius for the default greenhouse
  4. Mayor bugs fixed

    Croí Dorcha
    • Version 0.5.0
      • You no longer need to enter the Greenhouse daily for the mod to work
      • Fixed a possible crash when building the Greenhouse after installing this mod