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[SMAPI] More Animals 3.0.2

Because a single pet is never enough!

  1. More Animals 3.0.2

  2. Bugfixes!

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  3. Massive update!

    I has returned to modding, and I bring a gift!

    This is a huge update for More Animals, bringing many improvements across the whole thing!

    • Fixed so many bugs, I ran out of bug-spray 5 times, and I buy the XXXL cans!
    • Is now compatible with mods that let you slaughter animals
      (Existing animal will randomize their skin once as a result)
    • Pet skins now use a different selection algorithm by default
      (Balances out what skins show up, you can revert to old behaviour in the config)...
  4. Fix tilesheet

    Fixed tilesheet issue caused by me having moved tilesheet handling to the SMAPI implementation and forgetting about CA's insane seasonal tilesheet logic >_<
  5. Finally fixing stuff!

    I finally got some time to dig into the code to try and fix the persistent errors you all have been experiencing.

    I have done what testing I could, and both the skins not being applied and the animations not being applied to animals should now be fixed.
  6. Fixing animals

    Animal skins did not get applied properly because of a flaw in the code used for detecting unskinned animals.

    This has been fixed and should now work as intended.
  7. bug fixes!

    Fixes issues in my mod build process that broke most of my mods.
  8. MorePets -> MoreAnimals

    This major update brings MorePets in line with the new API's in EF 2.0

    Further, this major update now adds support for animal skins, when you buy a animal from marnie (Or for any animals you bought before this update) The mod will now select random animal skins from your MoreAnimals mod directory.
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  9. Patch for compatibility with newest SMAPI

    This patch has been provided by @Pathoschild, give him some love for it!
  10. Update to SMAPI 1.9

    This version adds SMAPI 1.9 compatibility, thanks @Pathoschild for taking the time to update it for me.