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[SMAPI] New machines (flour, sugar, vinegar, rice?) 4.2.1

Adds new machines like Mill, Tank, Vinegar Jug and Drying Rack to create new items.

  1. Compatibility with latest ALL. Fixed issue with Level-up menu. ...

    All changes:
    - Compatibility with lastest ALL version.
    - Fixed issue with too high Level-up menu. Now «OK» button should be always visible.
    - I've added some error handlers, so it should help to find and fix errors faster.
    - Cooking recipes: you can use half of heart in way to get (e.g. 2.5 hearts); recipes will be added to old saves; fixed recipe duplication in Saloon.
    - You can use chances for output items (like in Recycling machine);
    - Fixed Mixer work.
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