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Smart Tubes 1.2.5

The smart way to transfer items around in Starbound

  1. Fixed Bug with Conduit Saver

    Fixed a bug with the conduit saver where if the extraction conduit has no configs, the tool would crash.
  2. Added Description to Saved Conduits

    Now when Conduits are saved, some of their stats can be viewed in their description.
  3. Added Conduit Saver

    Added Conduit Saver in the Conduit Station

    To use the tool, hold it in your hand, click on a extraction/insertion/io conduit and it will drop the conduit as an item with it's settings saved.

    The tool is meant to be a temporary solution at the request of carlucci until I can make a more permanent solution (like integrating it inside of the conduit's UI).
  4. Fixed Extraction Conduit and startech compatibility

    Fixed Issue with the Extraction Conduit being slow when there's lots of configurations

    Fixed Startech incompatibility with item names containing a colon [ : ]
  5. Bug Fixes

    Bug Fixes:

    Fixed issue with IO Conduit not transferring to itself

    Fixed Issue with Extraction Conduit not transferring to right places

    Fixed Issue with Conduit Bender only outputting a specific type of curved conduit
  6. Crafting Update

    Crafting recipes have been moved to the new Conduit Station


    Optimized Pathfinding for Extraction Conduit

    Fixed a bug where upgrades won't drop from Extraction Conduit and Conduit Bender
  7. Massive Code Upgrade

    Lots of changes to the internal code, almost all the code has been redone from scratch and has been greatly improved, which should fix a lot of the bugs from the old code.

    New Features:

    IO Conduit, an extraction and insertion conduit all-in-one

    The "!self" macro: specifically used for the IO Conduit, allows transferring items to itself, thus, allowing the IO Conduit to both extract and insert...
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  8. Fixed Incompatibility

  9. Quick Bug Fix

    Fixed a bug with the text of the facade wrench guide
  10. Mega 1.0 Update

    Curved Conduits are aesthetic conduits that allow items to make smooth turns
    These can be made using the conduit bender [​IMG]


    Wireless Transfer Conduits are conduits that are able to transfer items wirelessly
    There are two types of wireless conduits :
    • Wireless Sending Conduit :...