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Outdated SolaerSelect 20180524 WANT SUM SLOTS?

Let TOO MUCH SUN shine on your character selection!

  1. So someone wanted 50 slots...

    Fibriel Solaer
    ... so now there are 50 slots. Well, 57 counting the OGs.

    I'm kind of worried the window is so big some players might not be able to see it all - so once I've finished the aesthetic of the mod, I might split it into two or three versions with different slot counts. Let me know how many slots you need in the comments!
  2. Guess who's back?

    Fibriel Solaer
    Hello dreamers!
    I started playing Starbound again, so I've finally updated SolaerSelect after how long has it been. Four years I think...?

    ... actually, to be more accurate, I remade the entire thing from scratch. I couldn't redownload the old version to use any of its assets, and the new file format is largely incompatible anyway, so I had to redo everything from nothing. Oh well!

    I'll be updating the main page with a new screenshot and stuff soon!

    A few...
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  3. Hi! I'm back!

    Fibriel Solaer
    So over the past few months a few people have informed me that finally my mod stopped working! So I fixed it. This version was made for the nightly of Dec 19, 2014; I don't know if it'll work with stable.

    Also I scooted the genders over, added another row for races, and made the window prettier. I haven't been able to replicate the "window gets cut off for some reason" glitch - I suspect conflicts with other mods or a glitch in Starbound that doesn't exist anymore.

    Let me know if anything...
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