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Soup's Hoods 1.0.1

Adds coloured hoods into the game as a fashionable hat! Content Patcher version.

  1. SuperElement
    Soup's Hoods 1.0.1


    Adds coloured hoods to the game as a replacement for any given hat.

    Content Patcher version, which makes it easy to select which colour you're using,
    and which hat is being replaced. Will add them as completely separate hats in proper mod format, maybe.




    Drop the SoupsHoods folder from the .7z into your mods folder and start the game. This will generate a
    config.json file in the SoupsHoods folder which allows you to change the hood colour and replaced hat.



    Simply delete the SoupsHoods folder from your mods folder. This will completely remove any changes that
    this mod makes.


    Required Mods:


    Content Patcher:

    Also, 7z is required for opening the archive in the download:


    There are two values set by the config.json. Open it with a text editor like notepad or wordpad, and then
    change the words denoting a hood colour or hat.

    To illustrate, it should look like:

    "Colour": "grey",
    "Hat": "blue bonnet"

    You can change the "grey" to any of the following values:
    "grey" "red" "blue" "green" "yellow" "purple" "pink"

    More colours may be added in the future.

    You can change the "blue bonnet" to any hat in the vanilla game. Simply enter it as it appears in-game.
    eg. "blue bonnet" "archer's cap" "sou'wester"

    For a full list of the available hats, I suggest visiting the stardew valley wiki page for hats at:



    If you have any issues, submit a post either on the Nexus Page or discussion thread on the Chucklefish




    Made by Soup/SuperElement.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Do not include this mod in compilations.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.

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