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Space Stations 0.6.3

Space Stations! WIP

  1. All sorts of silliness

    The last updated was actually missing the tweaks that I meant to put in to turn down the raiders' difficulty - this also means the racial submod demo did not work with the mod. Arg.

    In addition - the Protectorate and Hylotl bases should no longer have holes in them.
  2. 0.6.1 - Raiding Tweaks

    This update should make the raiders less likely to wipe out your npcs before you can get to them.
    • Tweaking the raider’s difficulty - they are now one level lower across the board. They have numbers on their side, they don't need to be quite so tough
    • Fewer spawn locations for tier 3 and lower stations. They should try to spawn in locations closer to players so you don't have to race across the entire station.
    • More time between spawns at lower levels
    • Protectorate Station is...
  3. Station Events and Apex Station

    I've been working on having more stuff happen on the Stations, so I may have to go back and rework the Hylotl and Glitch stations at some point :/ The Protectorate and Apex stations are already set for events :D

    Added the Apex Station - It should look familiar ;)
    Added Events to Protectorate and Apex Stations! Raiders will occasionally attack your station. I'm open to suggestions for other types of events.
    Added station npc spawners - when the npcs die, the station will...
  4. Status Update: It's Complicated

    Just a quick update to let people know that this mod isn't abandoned - I'm just having trouble getting some stuff implemented. Rather than going to the next species' station (probably Apex) I'm working on events and stuff that might happen at your space station.
    Like avian raiders attacking.
    I've got the basic events working and up on gitHub, but a couple of ugly bugs have popped up, so only...
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  5. Return of the Tech Maze

    The tech maze is reimplemented across all star systems. Destorying the generator makes it editable so you can build you own base.
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  6. Glitches and glitch Fixes

    Added Glitch Spacestations! Currently a little bare, so hopefully I'll be able to get more stuff out for them later.

    Also, I added some Protectorate crew to the Protectorate spacestations. I'm going to try to replace the npcs on the stations so they won't join your crew (otherwise the stations could become ghost towns :( )

    The tech maze should be fixed now. Let me know if not. I'm considering disabling it if people aren't interested in it - I didn't make it, it's part of the Starbound...
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  7. More rooms, fewer hallways to space

    Added more rooms including:
    Apex Bedroom
    Floran Bedroom
    Glitch Bedroom
    Avian Bedroom
    Frogg Furnishings
    Infinity Express

    Fixed Hylotl Station Generation - should no longer generate hallways with no end
  8. Dungeon Improvements

    Hylotl and Protectorate stations have been improved, but Hylotl stations still will have doorways into infinite space - be careful!

    Under the hood, the celestial config file now ADDS stations instead of replacing the existing spawn pool. The numbers may need some tweaking, but it SHOULD work better with other mods.
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