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Outdated Speed Booster 1.1d

Blast through walls by running!

  1. SuperMandrew

    So you want speed huh? Your character not fast enough for you? Besides, even when you're movin fast, you've got those pesky blocks in your way.. but not anymore.

    Take your character to the next level with the new Speed Booster tech! To execute it, simply do a dash like you would normally, but on the second tap, don't let go. Your character will start to pick up speed, and finally become an unstoppable force in the Starbound world!

    THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. There are many things missing from this tech right now, such as energy cost. I'm still deciding how to integrate it, but as of right now there's no energy cost. Also, my code is ugly. I need to clean it up big time. Other than that, go nuts.

    To use this mod, either start a new character and the tech will appear in the ship or become an admin and execute the command:
    /aiaction {"action" : "showTech", "techName" : "superspeedTech"}

    You should be good to go! It should be in your tech station, so go have fun.

    Bugs/To-do list:
    - The background sprite is just a big projectile, so if someone plays this multiplayer they'll see a giant square of dashes coming at them. Maybe feather the image?
    - No energy cost (haven't decided yet)
    - Can activate boost just by running at wall and hitting it. Need to add collision check that requires open space in order to activate it
    - Sounds are a bit loud. Need to reduce the volume of added sounds
    - Background lines don't work properly on zoom x2- might be a permanent limitation..
    - Change the aura some, to hint more at the player moving incredibly fast (done!)

    Future Plans:
    - Perhaps if you crouch while boosting, you store the energy and can do something fancy a la Super Metroid? :) (shinespark anyone?) (done!)

    I'd like to say to the starbound-modding IRC channel! They rock.


    Gameplay video from Pedguin!

Recent Reviews

  1. rpg4e
    Version: 1.1d
    Your an Metroid Fan like me, best part was part 3 for SNES ;)
  2. Milk_Master04
    Version: 1.1d
    Its a good idea, the problem is that when i use it, it just deactivates when the particles appear :(
  3. Rex Blackbeak
    Rex Blackbeak
    Version: 1.1d
    Wuts The controls?
  4. njtheboss
    Version: 1.1d
    very good i feel very powerfull but can u make something about the very loud sound ?
  5. TheZero
    Version: 1.1c
    Make a glitch.

    Name her Samus.


    Laugh at your trail of destruction.
  6. omegablack
    Version: 1.1c
    Great mod i used to use back in Furious Koala but for some reason am having trouble running in Enraged Koala could someone msg me and let me know how they got it working...definately missing this epic mod!
  7. RavenChelsvokia
    Version: 1.1c
  8. TheQ9001
    Version: 1.1c
    It's very fun to screw around with, but to be moar srs, Can you make a version with the boost effect ( - all the particles) that functions as a simple sprint without breaking things? And being able to jump?
  9. Meyrime
    Version: 1.1c
    "Change the aura some, to hint more at the player moving incredibly fast"

    Yes, something like Super Metroid? Could be looking really good, if it can be done of course.
  10. The Maneiac
    The Maneiac
    Version: 1.1c
    ooooohhhh yeah! Blasting Through Wall Maria Armoured Titan Style!