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Spooky Tweaks 1.5

Funbalancing the entire game through massive amounts of changes! Still removable mid-game.

  1. Zlashdrive
    You better watch out. You better not mine. Don't touch that fuel, I'm tellin' you why. Mr Spooks is coming, and you're going to die.

    Spooky Tweaks is a large scale vanilla overhaul mod that serves as an 'unofficial update' to the game. That is to say, it rebalances, fixes, streamlines, implements unused content, and reduces annoyance. While it attempts to be compatible with content mods, it may conflict with other vanilla-altering mods.

    This mod adds no new save-altering content! You can add and remove it at any time without destroying your saves, but remember to unstack items with increased stack sizes first. Please also remember to always make save backups when using mods.

    Project Links
    - Steam Workshop
    - GitHub Repository

    === Project Highlights
    == General

    - Moon related things are now spooky
    - Mr Spooks (Erchius Ghost) moves faster, can be knocked back, and dies in lava
    - Main missions 'clue' hunting can be skipped by scanning the gate
    - Teleporting has no artificial time padding
    - More fuel types, higher fuel values, and higher fuel costs for FTL travel
    - The sewing machine makes SIGNIFIGANTLY (90%) less noise
    - Vehicles are one-handed, and their costs rebalanced
    - Grappling hooks are accessible earlier and use physics just like ropes
    - Reward bags stack
    - Bandages and antidotes can be crafted at any time
    - Late-storyline outpost shops will indicate if they open later

    - No more startup animation
    - Play modes are now NORMAL, EXPERT, and HARDCORE
    - 66 new facial emotion triggers for chat
    - Portable Pixel Printer is back and functional
    - Radio messages don't provide constant arbitrary praise
    - More optional Outpost clues to find
    - SAIL tells you which EPP you need for dangerous planets
    - Shockhopper can drop a trophy
    - EPPs use more scientific names
    - Hoverbikes hover much better and usually won't cause fall damage
    - Status Pods now have nine new possible effects
    - Mazebound64 moved to Hylotl arcades
    - Quest text updated to remove arbitrary praise
    - Immense overhaul of rarity levels to reflect item value
    - Amazing new features added to the Starbound Arcade Machine (removed before releasing)
    - Five new blessings from Tonauac (outpost bird)
    - Lava immunity status effect is now obtainable as Magma Mitigation
    - Electric aura status effect is now obtainable as Energy Aura
    - All instruments are now slightly cheaper and psychic (playing multiple at once will overload your brain)
    - All instruments have been made
    - New racial descriptions as part of Spooky Tweaks' gradual usurping of the lore
    - Teleporters are now platforms that can be walked past

    Latest Update
    - Items with no interaction or placement ability moved to materials tab
    - Glow effects reworked for better ambient lighting
    - Learn any race's flag by picking it up
    - Flashlight beams are almost identical to the scanner's light
    - A lot of 'spooky' things are more serious again
    - Major cross-mod compatibility pass

    == Economy
    - New Shop: Chip Tunes - Selling all vanilla musical instruments (replaces Mazebound64)
    - Teleporter cores are bought with money instead of diamonds
    - Buy and sell rates are more reasonable (average 100% to buy, 80% to sell)
    - Upgrade parts can now be purchased at the Tech Dispenser (Outpost)
    - Capture pods can be purchased at The Outpost
    - Penguin Weapon Shop sells rare and otherwise unobtainable weapons

    - Treasured Trophies sells more rare items such as:
    -- Fishaxe, Challenge Doors, Weapon Upgrade Anvil
    -- Doomcanon, Terraforge
    - Infinity Express sells new novelty items
    - Weapon shop now sells boss items after beating the respective boss
    - Canned food costs 21x more due to the chocolate shortage (and immense value)
    - Minor outpost shops have more unique names
    - Prize counters now sell plushies and toys for tickets
    - Prize tickets are given out as rewards from loot bags
    - Station vending machines reworked to sell mech salvage
    - Buy your own personal Rob Repairo
    - Mech blueprints can be traded for at Beakeasy
    - Mech Assembly Station can be purchased from the tech dispenser
    - Terramart Shipments buys items for their full value (Even with Enhanced Storage)
    - Terramart Shipments accept all mining materials
    - Lana's supply business has improved to compete with augment crafting

    Latest Update
    - Vending machines don't buy things from you
    - Peacekeeper shop items moved to places that make more sense
    - Fake ship licenses are 50% more expensive
    - Ore values are approximately 4x higher
    - Ursa Miner sells radioactive rods usable as ship fuel
    - Teleporters require cores AND relevant materials
    - Five new otherwise unobtainable sets in Frogg Furnishings
    - 49 more unused items sold at the outpost

    == Tech
    - Tech descriptions are more helpful
    - Sonic sphere is faster and easier to control
    - Blink dash recharges as fast as the normal dash
    - Rocket jumping is almost instant, launches further, and recharges mid-air
    - Multi-Jump goes slightly higher
    - Sprinting is slightly faster

    - Sprinting won't restrict using other tech or items
    - All distortion spheres have enhanced handling and negate fall damage
    - Aqua Sphere can move freely in water instead of on top as a boat
    - Blink dash can blink further, in mid-air, and without landing
    - Wall jumping refreshes it's double jump ability

    Latest Update
    - Spike Sphere seriously for real this time won't fall off things
    - Tech missions have more reasonable requirements

    == Balance
    - All staves and wands charge significantly faster
    - Healing zones from staves heal much faster
    - Mission rewards gradually increase in magnitude
    - Erchius Facility always gives 20 Erchius Crystals (1000 Total Fuel)
    - Challenge doors stay around twice as long (Reduced in Update 2)
    - Teleporters are not destroyed when broken
    - Tech consoles are not destroyed when broken
    - Money loss removed for casual and reduced for survival
    - Value, speed, and power of unique weapons raised to be more worthwhile
    - Creatures can be attacked while frozen in time
    - Racial storage lockers hold 64 items instead of 48

    - Rocket Spear ability rebalanced to into a mobility tool
    - Final mission reward bag provides incredible loot
    - Protector's Broadsword buffed to compete with unique weapons
    - Dual wielding chainsaws for extreme lumbering
    - EPPs emit a small amount of light
    - Backpacks that should provide air actually do (ex. Oxygen Tank)
    - Wings provide jump boosts equal to an augment
    - AA Battery Pack adds additional energy capacity
    - Toxic Flower Backpack will block poison effects
    - Toxic Waste Backpack is more dangerous then ever
    - Medic Backpack gives a small regeneration effect
    - Mech battery pickups heal twice as much energy
    - High tech mech parts balanced out to create aesthetic choice
    - Solarium tier mech arms buffed to match endgame weapon strength
    - Shield drone can now deploy up to five orbiting shields
    - All mech drones last longer (2-5 minutes) and have reduced cooldowns
    - Simple mech parts improved to be worth using
    - Outpost mech missions now actually give rewards
    - Shawl of Elation is now more uplifting (low gravity)
    - Avian god wings now hold a mysterious ancient power
    - Foods that claimed to be spooky are now actually spooky
    - Ship lights are harder to accidentally break
    - Drill Spear mobility buffed for maximum heavens piercing potential
    - Mech arm attachments reworked for usability

    Latest Update
    - Higher tier mech bodies are more energy efficient
    - Ship lockers make food rot 80% slower

    == Crafting
    - Augments can be crafted at the Research Station, and specify their exact functions
    - Restored crafting for disabled items such as Perfect Armor, Tall Chair, and Valentines Heart Forge
    - Ancient themed items can be 3D printed
    - Vending machines can be 3D printed

    - Energy pickaxe is craftable and slightly improved
    - Mech Part Crafting Table is craftable like any workstation
    - Player station transponders now cost the same as any other device
    - Player stations require exponentially less resources to upgrade
    - Restored crafting for Toymaker's Table and glow grenades
    - More Protectorate items at the Industrial Workbench
    - Boss doors are now printable for all your one-way needs

    Latest Update
    - The orange stimpack returns
    - Mining tools can be made at an Agricultural Station
    - 62 more unused items made craftable
    - Stimpacks moved from the Medical Station to the Apothecary

    == Official Integration
    The mods listed below are patched to use this mod's changes as of Update 5
    - Avali (Triage) Race
    - Familiars Race
    - Instru+

    Keeping up with four different sites is a bit difficult. Please direct issues to GitHub for better support.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.


    1. 1 - Spooky.png
    2. 2 - Shops.png
    3. 3 - Shops Improved.png
    4. 4 - More Crafting.png
    5. 5 - Fuels.png
    6. 6 - Less Padding.png
    7. 7 - Passive Aggression.png
    8. 1 - More Items.png
    9. 2 - Modes and Scanning.png
    10. 3 - Treasures and Printing.png
    11. 1 - Augments and Unlocks.png
    12. 2 - EPP and Challenges.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. Idiocide
    Version: 1.4
    This mod adds many really nice changes to the game. Tweaks that I myself would've liked when I played through the first time.

    However, despite the update log stating that the "Spike Sphere no longer falls off of walls", it actually falls off walls more often than ever. It is completely useless on anything other than a completely flat surface.
  2. hyvan97
    Version: 1.3.2
    Please Update to the latest Game Version?
    Version: 1.3.2
    THX FOR FIX THE PROBLEM OF frackin universe
  4. Megsoiluj
    Version: 1.3
    Great and really spooky. This need to be in the vanilla.
  5. sebastin25
    Version: 1.3
    A really great mod but i dont like the changes of the epp on the last version. using v1.2 atm
  6. BBYipho
    Version: 1.3
    I enjoy most of the changes this mod does. Heck even the passive aggressive text is fine. However...

    I know this mod decreases prices on metals,Solarium especially, to extremly low prices which starts to make me fight the urge to ignore the shops. Legendary/unique items in the game can be bought a bit too cheap at around 2k-9k for all but two items. It would be nice if the legendary/unique items would insted sell for around 20-70k instead. If I wanted them faster then normal I would just turn on /admin, which I try not to unless solving issues for friends in my game.

    Surprisingly the mod works well with Freedom of Movement from the Nexus, to my knowledge anyway. So if you're worried about that go for it.

    I hope this mod gets chopped into parts for later updates so I don't have to worry about compatibility issues once other mods take an aspect and improve upon them.
  7. whitekitestrings
    Version: 1.3
    i love every part of this mod, except what it does to epps. can't love 100% of everything when it changes things to this scale, i guess? either way, it makes playing the game, especially early game, WAY more tolerable. it makes starting a new character feel like less of an intense hassle.
  8. greenRAM
    Version: 1.2
    Some of the features are really neat, which is why I thought I'd like this mod. Unfortunately, a lot of the features feel like they break the balance of the game while playing. Most of the mod feels way too cheaty. I like feeling that my effort is being rewarded, but with this things are too available or too cheap the game gets boring really fast. The incompatibility with other essential mods such as a race extender is also a problem.
  9. riocraft
    Version: 1.2
  10. Miks13
    Version: 1.1
    nice job, you did lots of excellent changes making game more comfortable to play, but can you make wall-jump like the wall-jump in megaman's wall-jump, thx.