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Sprint and Dash Mod Redux 2.1.0

Allow sprinting and combat dashing with new configuration features.

  1. littleraskol
    This is an extension of OrSpeeder's excellent Sprint and Dash mod. I'll quote the basic description from him because it's still accurate:

    Sprint makes your character run slightly faster, but costing a bit of energy per second, it is intended to move faster around the world when you don't own a horse yet.

    Dash makes your character dash very fast, it also do lots of damage, and becomes more resilient for the very short time of the dash, but it costs lots of energy, has a long cooldown, and the dash power depends on your skills.

    I consider this mod indispensable but there were two things that I wanted, one small and one big.

    The small thing is that I wanted it to cost more than 1 stamina per tick. OrSpeeder didn't want to make the mod too "cheaty" by letting people set the cost to 0. I had suggested a check to make sure that values less than 1 were bumped up to some minimum. That's the basic benefit of this mod.

    The large thing, which is the reason for the small thing and another feature, is that due to a coding quirk, buffing speed by +1 does nothing. (Apparently? I haven't tested it.) So the minimum boost is +2. But this makes you nearly as fast as the horse, reducing the horse's usefulness.

    So, this mod hopefully resolves that with its new features.


    Sprint and Dash Mod Redux has an expanded config file compared to its predecessor. In addition to the keys for its sprint and dash functions (although note that I've changed the default keys to the ones I use: spacebar for sprint, Q for dash), you can set the stamina cost per tick of sprinting (stamCost) and the duration of the combat dash buff (dashDuration). Additionally, there is a new "winded" feature to use or not at your choice. You can also select whether to use the sprint (and normal "run") keys as a toggle, where pressing once turns it on until you press again.
    • stamCost: Measured in points of stamina. By default, this is 2. Minimum is 1, lower values will be treated as 1.
    • dashDuration: Measured in seconds. By default this is 4 seconds. Note that the cooldown will last for 2.5x as long as whatever you set its length to (i.e., by default 10 seconds). Minimum is 1 second, maximum is 10 seconds. Values beyond that will be set to the min or max as appropriate.
    • windedStep: Measured in seconds. By default, this is 5 seconds. Set to 0 to ignore/deactivate this system. Explained in more depth below.
    • toggleMode: Whether to use the sprint (and normal "run") keys as a toggle, where pressing once turns it on until you press again.
    Gamepad users: The mod doesn't have code to support a gamepad. However, you can use a third-party program called Joytokey to map keyboard buttons to gamepad buttons for now.

    Getting Winded

    The "winded" system puts a brake on sprinting for long periods of time beyond the stamina cost. The idea is that the longer you sprint for, the more it tires you out, making you "winded" after a certain amount of time set by the config value. You then have to rest a bit (by not sprinting) before this wears off. The explanation of the details is a little crunchy.

    For every (windedStep) seconds you run, the stamina cost per tick of running increases by 100% of the base. For example, at the default config values: for the first five seconds, it costs 2 stam/tick, then after that for the next five (5-10) seconds, 4 stam/tick, then after that for the next five (10-15) seconds, 6 stam/tick, etc...

    You will also need to take a bit of a break from sprinting if you want this to go away. It takes 1/5 of the "step" time to lower the penalty by 100% of base. Continuing the example above: when you stop sprinting, if you immediately start again, the 6 stam/tick cost remains. If you stop sprinting for 1 second, it goes down to 4/tick, and if you stop sprinting for another second, it goes down to 2/tick (base).

    You'll know how long you need to wait before sprinting at the base rate again because the cooldown effect has a light yellow glow. It will also keep track of your sprint time if you sprint for less than the step time, and pick back up where you left off. No cheesing with 4-second sprint bursts!

    Credits and Permissions

    I made the alterations, but OrSpeeder did the heavy lifting. It's his engine, I just bolted some new gears and stuff onto it.

    I don't really care if you redistribute it or alter it or use it in compilations. I'd ask that you give credit to myself and OrSpeeder but that's up to you. It has the same GPL3 as the original and the source code is included in the download as a resource.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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