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Squids in Space: A Splatoon Mod V2.1.3x

A species mod based off of Nintendo's Splatoon.

  1. myntandrebecca4
    Version: V2.1.0B
    it's good but it really needs an update i hope a lot of people agree
  2. megagameryagiz
    Version: V2.0.2Z
    you should add a race tech
    Im thinking someting like paint weapons really paints blocks and octo ball tech can climb to painted walls or something like that
    good mod btw
  3. SoloWingPixy
    Version: V2.0.2Z
    I like it, i wonder u could make octo races
  4. MechanicalWolf
    Version: V2.0.0B
    I'm glad this mod is still being worked on and hope to see more content being added, and the flooded worlds were not what I expected.
  5. AlanaDremmyr
    Version: Version 1.2.XY
    I was so glad to see updates, I thought there would be new sets, decorations, new Hairstyle and even maybe a separate race Octolings, but this is just a fix for the bugs. sighs
    But still, I'm glad that there is such a mod! And I hope for new content!)
  6. AngelosonerZ4
    Version: V1.2.XX
    I love the mod! but you could see that the weapons can create ink on the floor and that the inkling becomes a squid (I'm sorry if it's misspelled I speak Spanish not English)
  7. darkitio
    Version: V1.2.XX
    i cant use the inkiling
  8. JTeam_
    Version: V1.2.5XX
    Excellent. That's all.
  9. ianpb
    Version: V1.2.5X
    Everytime I download this mod, my game won't open. But when this mod ain't on my mods folder, the game works! Is there any incompatibility with the game or in other mods? Pls send help.
    1. Marinebeast
      Author's Response
      I'm a dumbass who forgot to test this update.
      Fix inkoming!
  10. Clawnoob
    Version: V1.2.5
    Excellent and well done. Witty, though if I may; you need to do a little math, my friend. I understand you want this to be very unique, but some balancing just doesn't add up. Some tier 5 armor outclasses its tier 6 cousins. Upon my own rebalancing, all I managed to do was make myself so invincible I was immune to all damage but traps, and I didn't get grace invincibility from damage so traps just murdered me. I fear the balancing problem is in your desire to stand out, you made some armor outclass its vanilla tier cousins. You should not do this; the armors should all match. Other than this, I see no issue with the mod; great! Keep up the fresh work!
  11. Missfightt
    Version: V1.2.12
    Me encanto el mod pero no puedo jugar con el personaje, puedo crearlo pero no me deja guardarlo T.T Necesito ayuda!!!!!
  12. Lunitalinda
    Version: V1.2.12
    The mod is great, I love xD, but just like an idea.
    Because they do not make an exclusive skill for the rasa inkling inside the game in which they can change to squid form, as an idea they could use the weapons that includes the mod to put ink on the ground and that the squid form works to traverse the ink of Faster way or even could work in the same way but in the water, that is to say they can swim in the water in squid form and in a faster and simpler way.

    As now the mod I love and I would not bother at all not to see the idea but I think it would be worth it to see how it would look inside the starbound
  13. WOOLOO
    Version: V1.2.0x: Evening Fixes
    its great the clothes are great and the race and ship is great but some of the weapons just kinda seem... not really apropriote for the race as they don't really make sense for what they are compared to what they do
    1. Marinebeast
      Author's Response
      If you could elaborate more on that, that'd be awesome! The weapons in this mod are all based directly on weapons in Splatoon, so if you've any thoughts on how to improve them or make them closer to the source material, I'm all ears!
  14. obisidian_golden
    Version: V1.1.?1
    They are squids.
  15. TheN1K0L4Z
    Version: V1.1.?1
    I happen to play as my inksona, Sigma Skye. Why should he be content to be the champion of a single city, when he can save the entire universe from what might be Octavio's Father, The Ruin?
  16. Dannir
    Version: V1.1.4x
    A good mod, but I have to voice major concerns over the way you balanced the equipment. From what I can tell, the weapons are above par, while the armor is under par. In a vacuum, that sounds potentially legit, if only the race's equipment is available.

    Unfortunately, that's not really how it works out, is it? Merchants can sell armor as strong as what you're supposed to have at the given planet's tier, and with nothing that stops the inkling from wearing them. To say nothing of Perfect armor, and any non-racial mod armor that cannot account for this odd method.

    As well, no broadsword should really have a base damage of over 20. Period. Unless maybe it swings once every five seconds, and even then it would probably be better to make a less gimmicky weapon. The value is modulated by the swing rate value as it is, since it's damage per second and not per swing, so it's unnecessary to give a massive boost to it to account for a slower swing.

    As a sidenote, due to special attacks seeming to be based entirely on tier and personal power multiplier, this could lead to severely underpowered-feeling special attacks as well.

    I highly suggest simply giving the inkling armor the same values as other races', and nerfing the weapons accordingly.
    1. Marinebeast
      Author's Response
      I'm working on this for the slew of summer updates, so don't worry, it'll be tended to. ;)
  17. Blackwatch27
    Version: V1.1.x21 [Optional]
    Please tell why my chrome keep telling me there is harm virus in this file and deleting the file and i can't click keep because i have 1 option is discard but thanks to firefox i can use this mod and the mod is really impressive than i expected and weapons,armor,npc,tenants.ship,pets, Etc. And great job for making this mod the texture is good the weapons and also armor are balance and keep the Awesome Work.
    1. Marinebeast
      Author's Response
      It's as safe as any other mod on here.
      And thanks! I'm glad you like it!
  18. EndlessTetris
    Version: V1.1.x1
    This mod is great. You are a kid, AND a squid.
  19. epicbonzi
    Version: V1.0.5 Beta
    Definitely a sea of colors, full of kids and squids, inkstrikes your playing experience
    Note: no freshness required
  20. KTrinsic
    Version: V1.0.5 Beta
    A great race mod! Full of fun details and unique inkling tools. Very well put together.