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Squids in Space: A Splatoon Mod V2.1.3x

A species mod based off of Nintendo's Splatoon.

  1. V2.0.2: Flash Fixes & Shooty Things

    Compiled V2.0.1 + V2.0.2 update because I somehow missed things...


    - Inklings now have some cute secondary color stripes on their arms. :)

    - Added a handful of new body colors, mostly "what if ink tinted skin?" sorts of ones.

    - Tweaked that one weird sleeve on one of the starter shirts, HOPEFULLY that'll stop clipping.

    - Added a bit of content to hopefully bring the mod into full compatibility with Frackin Universe.
    -- It was listed as having incorrect/improper mech matching; something has been added to address this. This is still a full work in progress, because squids absolutely shouldn't be driving THAT.


    - Fixed the Marinaded pants recipe to actually work instead of just being a recipe for the shirt.

    - Fixed the Tentacle Clipping recipe to be more accessible.
    -- Remember, you can still get Tentacle Clippings from starter Inkling ship treasurepools, and also rarely from harvesting a fully grown Tentacle. The recipe exists for the sake of pre-v2.0 Inklings.

    - Ammo Knights no longer sells wire due to Sheldon trying to give the stuff away for free.

    - All vanilla Splattershots have been retooled to have higher DPS and lower energy costs, with some subtle fire rate changes! The tier 5 and 6 models in particular have been spiffed up. They are also now all 2-handed to reflect their original Splatoon/2 functionality (but visually appear to be 1-handed, which may or may not be addressed in the future), and are "Shooters" instead of "Handguns" to reflect Splatoon flavoring.
    -- This is not the final stats for these, it's likely that they will be changed further. I'm trying to balance them to be a viable option as opposed to Dualies, as well as to other guns that have extreme firepower (Splatlings) or incredibly strong single shots (Chargers).
    -- Modified Shooters have not yet been retooled for stat modification, but it will definitely happen. This whole update is meant to be a quick bugfix and introduction of TLC for Inkling guns.
    -- Recipes may change in the future to be more challenging to make up for their buffed stats. idk lol
    -- The tier 4 Splattershot has been renamed to "Hero Shot Replica" for overall consistency with everything.

    - All Machine Pistols have had their DPS and energy costs somewhat retooled to facilitate their 1-handed status! In the same vein, the unmodified tier 2, 3, 4 and 5 Machine Pistols have all been changed up a bit to reflect their playstyle!
    -- They're now all called "Dualies". Let's call them that from now on.
    -- Stat changes for Dualies are also not final and are subject to change.
    -- Modified Dualies currently still use the old N-Zap and -Matic models and have not had their stats tweaked. New models, along with a new look for the tier 6 Dualies, will come in time.
    -- Because the t2~5 Dualies have a cool new look, they'll also be getting new recipes for their vanilla versions. Not now, but at some point.

    - The Octoling Vendor at the Outpost had her NPC seed shuffled. I'm still working on her, she's been a bit /off/ ever since the "sanitized" body color palette was introduced..
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